Monday, December 31, 2012

A Sudden Ranting Of A Late Twenty-Something

My generation -- being born in the 80s and raised in the 90s -- grew up with an abundant amount of everything Japanese. What the kids have today in K-Pop and Korean dramas we make up for with anime's and manga's. So although there are some Korean films that I have come to like I never fully connected or stay "in-love" with their culture. I could not stomach the Korean manhwa's taking over the Japanese manga. I prefer listening to J-Pop-Rock music over K-Pop. I would always give my wholehearted love to Tokyo -- despite it being earthquake prone -- over Seoul. My fashion palette beats for the Kimono and Yukata over the Hanbok. And although I seriously love Bibimbop, I would always choose a Japanese restaurant to dine together with my friends and family because Ramen is as sacred to me as pizza and pasta. While the world has gone 'gaga' over Gangnam style I remain disconnected with this fad realizing that I have never viewed its video on YouTube and I don't even have it uploaded on my iPod. I have never watched the Korean version of 'Boys over Flowers' and I could never finish a Korean drama. I have no love for Korean gadgets and I still believe that Sony and Sharp makes the best TV and mobile phones. And although the Japanese invaded the Philippines and do us more harm during the WW2 I must have had a long overdue case of Stockholm syndrome because I am so fascinated with their country and culture the way I love France or the way my love-hate relationship with my country goes. So I'll let today's world and its youth fest up with its Korean bug because I know, forevermore, that as a kid born in the 80s raised in the 90s I would always have my Japanophilia and nobody can't take that away from me (not even time, change and society).

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Anime Quote: Kimi to Boku

"I thought growing older would turn me into an adult. I thought I'd get a job, get married, and somehow become an adult version of myself. But nothing like that happened. I've still never truly felt that I've become an adult. But I know I'm no longer a child."
- Koichi Azuma, Kimi to Boku

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Don't Say "Lazy"

I am so lazy these days and that's a fact. There are so many photos and videos to edit and process that are filed up on my disc drive and memory card -- I don't even know where and when to begin with. My attention is too wrapped around by anime's and my constant worry about my health (the latter contributing to my being mentally stressed all day). The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to work on them before the year ends, that way if I get the diagnosis that I fear the most then I won't need to worry about them any more. I'm already a burden to my parents, I don't want them spending their money on me for hospitalization, medication and operations. I want to stay optimistic so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be alright and that the wonders of drug can take my illness away.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Movie Quote: 5 Centimeters Per Second

“I’m just trying to live my life, but it seems as if sadness always piles itself up around me. It’s in my bed, the toothbrush in my bathroom, and the memory of my cellphone. Over the past few years, I’ve wanted to move on, I’ve wanted to take hold of something I couldn’t reach. What that is, I have no idea. Not knowing where such obsessive thoughts were coming from, I simply drowned myself in my work. Then one day I realized that my heart was withering, and in it there was nothing but pain. And one morning, I realized that my beliefs, that I once held so passionately, had completely disappeared. That was it, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I quit my job.”
- Takaki Tono by Makoto Shinkai, 5 Centimeters Per Second

Lessons on Love from "Ano Natsu de Matteru"

Most people would have thought that anime's are for kids alone. My parents often commented about my anime watching habits -- thinking it is too childish because the characters were mere hand-painted only. What they were oblivious about is not every Japanese anime were made for the pleasure of the 13 below age group, considering some of the subject dealings are mature and grownup to begin with. I am not talking 'hentai' here okay. Basically some of my favorite anime's were pretty much on the slice-of-life type; filled with allusions on science, psychology, religion; expressions of life, death and love, although the last one is placed recurrently in the Shoujo category. 

Take for example is "Ano Natsu de Matteru". The characters are high school students in cute school uniforms, and yet I have found a sense of awakening on love through their very own complicated love stories. The pragmatic would just shrugged off their shoulders and tell you that that is not real life. However, if you disregard the sugar coating and the "alien" premise and instead look closely in the feelings of each characters, I dare you you would tell me right away that that is real life. The five characters were all involved in a love pentagon, all except for Remon (the petite girl in a different school uniform). I won't give in the details about who is in love with whom, but if you have been in an unrequited love before you would relate to the story. 

I have come to realized that the most luckiest people in the world are those who had been in love with someone who also loves them back. That doesn't happen all the time you know, that's why there are words such as "settle", "conform" and "compromise". Chances are, the one's that caught our eye would always fall into the unreciprocated box. Love is not a feeling that you can force feed in to somebody else's heart no matter how good of a person you are. It only works on parallel ways. And if you are lucky enough to be in love find the courage to tell that person what you feel because you owe it to yourself to have a peaceful heart and mind. Rejection is inevitable; fear is a basic human emotion. Let yourself be heard -- although the outcome might be unfavorable -- and you would be surprised and overwhelmed by the kind of power and strength that love has rewarded you. Our courage releases us from the pains of what ifs and the what might have been. It is also through courage that we regained the freedom to fall in love again. So tell that someone what you feel, cry a little, and do not regret ever saying it. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Birthday!

For the past year, I have learned a few things about courage, taking risks and success, not from the context of my hard bound books, not from my favorite films, but through my mother and aunt whose life is the embodiment of those things. Both of them championed the art of hard work and showed us what it takes to become a real life Gabriela Silang. No kidding.

My mother and aunt did not have a very frivolous life back in their youth , they were impoverished, they had no college education, they married early and had their offspring in their early twenties and yet they had manage to forged a successful career for themselves. (Shame on me to think I have something to prove). They never waver to share their blessings to their families in need without expecting anything in return. Although they talk very loudly and are often misunderstood because of their hot temper, I know they only mean well, specially when it comes to our welfare. They were shaped by time. They become the person that they are today because they refused to give up or give in to every trials that they encounter along the way. For better or worse, my mother is the voice inside my head pushing me to do better.

I would always be proud to have them both in my life. They were never perfect, but I love them...and that's what makes them perfect.

For the two most hardworking people I know, happy birthday mommy and auntie Baby!

Tonari no Kaibutsukun

Adding up to my list of favorite animes and things that gives me inspiration these days, Tonari no Kaibutsukun is based originally on the manga created by Robico. I like the chemistry between the two lead characters, Yoshida Haru and Mizutani Shizuku. Both of them are weird, but the guy is really interesting in a bizarre kind of way. Haru, is a trouble magnet, he glares at people and is often misconceived by his classmates as scary and mean, however, behind his tough exterior he is actually smart, caring and sweet, and has a special fondness for sheltering stray animals. The girl on the other hand, Shizuku, is a diligent student whose only concern in life is to study and to be on the top of her class; she is indifferent and doesn't care what people think or say about her . What I love about this anime is the imperfection of the characters. Both Haru and Shizuku are smart, and yet when it comes to the matters of the heart they are clueless and ill-equipped to deal with their own feelings. The anime also shows us the story behind their dysfunction, without giving in to the trappings of a romantic drama, rather it focuses on the fun of life, having friends, the joy and complexities of falling in love.

The Land of the Rising Sun Vol. 1

Oh Japan, I have loved you since my youth. When my cousin and her daughter leave on a jet plane to Tokyo to live and work there for four years I set aside all my feelings for you. Out of my  foolish envy I presume. So I forgot about my Japanophile self by moving on with something else. Then I fell in love with France and I'd exclaimed to the world about my being a Francophile (oh France I still love you, you know I always do, because you had me at hello and my soul belongs to you). But sometimes, even lovers needs a time away. So I took off my French hat, said a momentary adieu to Canal Saint Martin and fly straight back to your heart, Japan.

Obviously, all these are hypothetical, because I've never stepped foot to Japan before and I have no means to travel there at the present time. I love East Asia, it is a culture so varied from mine, after all I came from the South East. The East have South Korea (I like even the grayish gloom of the North), China (although I'm pissed off with them because of their ongoing island dispute with the Philippines), and of course Japan, the land of the rising sun.

I would be posting videos and photographs from different sources online focusing on places, spots, culture and food that took my fancy. If I cannot travel there physically I would not deter my mind from running wild imaginatively.

My first take for volume one is the beautifully preserved old town of Takayama, located in the Gifu prefecture; the place is a cocooned of quaint little shops, coffee houses, sake breweries and street houses. I discovered this place through an anime I just finished two days ago titled, "Hyōka", where the author based the story from. Whenever I discover a place I always look it up on YouTube to see how it looks like with people moving and phasing around it . The video is nevertheless perfect as it shows us the Takayama through the videographer's eye as he rides, explores, captures even the most intricate little nooks of the old town with his bicycle and handy camera. Judging by the look of it, Takayama is such a clean and tidy haven worthy of travel time.

The second location that captured me on the get-go is the Chaya districts (teahouse) in Kanazawa. I've been researching about Kanazawa for more than a month now. The one that led me to this majestic place was the anime "Hanasaku Iroha" since the series got me interested on Japanese Ryokan. One thing leads to another, I came across Chaya through Japan Guide while reading about Kanazawa. The place is made up of wooden buildings and paved streets that would surely take you back into the Edo period. If you want to see a real life geisha -- perform a song and dance number -- this is the perfect place to visit.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

From Where I'm Standing

It is not an excuse to neglect your blog just because you know there are no readers around to read and criticize your mundane entries. For the past few days (and months) my attention has been all over the place. I have a very short attention span (due to ADD) so if I get caught up on to something it is difficult for me to do other things. Figuratively speaking, my brain would explode into tiny bits if I am faced with numerous duties and complexities. It takes time for me to finish a task, let alone concentrate on doing anything. Fortunately though, I went on an introspective journey in relation to the purpose and intent behind my blog. I already made the necessary reformat last September, but I still have this nagging feeling of discontent and disinterest that cannot be cured off by my passion for movies or by any cut-and-paste information of my liking. I want to do more without trying too hard. I want to travel the world, but not blog about my trips; I want to go to every restaurants I read on the internet, gulp down the best food with my family & friends and make memories with them; I want to do photo and video shoots, with me behind the camera; and I want to go back to singing just for the fun of doing it. You see, I lose all the perspective of fun (that I have conceptualized) for this blog just because I made it a responsibility as a Cinephile to post film trailers, posters, reviews and all things related to movies under the sun. I was bored and all I've turned into is a bystander by default instead of a proactive doer. What did they say about idle hands being the playground of evil? I guess my petrified self was caught off guard and I've become a very willing victim.

I'm still in my lazy mode; exhausting up the last days of my twenties before the next year's dreaded thirty. All I've got to show is my return trip to my old Japanophile self. I've been consuming voraciously Japanese anime's, food and culture; vehemently imagining being transported to old towns of Takayama, Hokkaido, Hakone, Kanazawa and the neon lights of Tokyo; packing music uploads of Japanese music -- listening to them even when I'm on clothes washing duties and while I am taking a shower. Aside from anime's the movies I have only seen this month are repeats of Woody Allen's ouvre. Too bad!

I am still in search for my own niche. Not sure what it is, but I am certain I would know what it's like. I'm a not feeling too well though, I've got this runny nose and cough. I'm having a hard time hearing because of my nose. Mother weather is being fickle-minded, but I'm hoping fully that it won't get worst and that I'll recover in time for our trip to Quezon.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Cycle Ends Right Now!

Plastic surgery is not the solution to stop bullying. Bullies are bullies...they won't stop teasing you just because you go under the knife. Maybe they will calm for some time after the kid had the operation, but they will continue doing the same thing later and I think it would breed a new level of bullying. I was bullied my whole life, but I don't give a rat's ass if they think my skin is darker and my hair looks like a wig. Bullies made my life like hell during my school years, and yet I've learned not to give in to their stupidity. You see, no matter what you do you could never please a bully, even if you have come to a decision to conform to their ways or to go through surgery, because they would -- in their sick and twisted pathetic little brain -- find ways to inflict pain against you. To begin with, I don't need them in my life because I don't want a bully for a friend. This world is a far better place without them on it. I feel sorry for them because in order to feel stronger, braver and better they have to feed on the little, timid, and the helpless just to get back to those who hurt them. I feel sorry because they have to be so charismatic and cool to convince people to take their side.

I am not ashamed to say that I am coward and a loser. I dislike confrontations and arguments. But at least I am not the kind of coward who hides behind a cloak of evil deeds, who pushes people around, say mean things against them or make fun of them for their imperfections (because I'm also flawed from head to toe, from skin to bones). I feel sorry for all the parents who encourages their children to participate in bullying; even laughs or scoffs off to the sight of their children beating someone around, may it be in verbal or physical. I feel sorry for those parents who has the audacity to point the blame (or the gun) to the bullied one, when matter of fact, it is their child that caused all the damages, insults and bruises --- that would take years to mend for the victim's life. This October, the bullying prevention awareness month, let's put a stop to this monstrosity. Do not be a bystander. Do something. Be an anti-bully! #StopBullying

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hitchcock: Trailer

The master of the macabre -- my number one favorite auteur -- gets a biopic treatment from British director Sacha Gervasi in the upcoming movie simply titled as "Hitchcock". The story focuses on the making of "Psycho" in the midst of controversies, financial setbacks and censorship. The trailer has been released today over iTunes and Apple and the actual film is expected to hit the cinemas next month. Watch the full-length trailer here starring Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel.

For more information visit the official webiste at

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Movie Quote: Hannah and Her Sisters

"How can you think of killing yourself? Isn't it stupid? Look at all the people on-screen. They're funny, and what if the worst is true? There's no God, you only go around once, that's it. Don't you want to be part of the experience? It's not all a drag. And I'm thinking, 'I should stop ruining my life, searching for answers...and just enjoy it while it lasts.' And after, who knows? Maybe there is something. I know "maybe" is a slim reed to hang your life on, but that's the best we have. And then I started to sit back...and I actually began to enjoy myself."
- Woody Allen, Hannah and Her Sisters

Movie Quote: Manhattan

"He was given to fits of rage, Jewish, liberal paranoia, male chauvinism, self-righteous misanthropy, and nihilistic moods of despair. He had complaints about life, but never solutions.
He longed to be an artist, but balked at the necessary sacrifices. In his most private moments, he spoke of his fear of death which he elevated to tragic heights when, in fact, it was mere narcissism."
- Woody Allen, Manhattan

Movie Quote: Amadeus

"All I ever wanted was to sing to God. He gave me that longing, and then made me mute. Why? Tell me that. If he didn't want me to praise him with music, why implant me the desire, like a lust in my body. And then deny me the talent?"
- Milos Forman, Amadeus

Friday, September 28, 2012

Stoker: Trailer

Famed South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-Wook (Oldboy, Thirst) makes his English language directorial debut -- in Wentworth Miller's screenplay - aptly titled as "Stoker". I've been psyched about this film since last year. Now the trailer is up and running on YouTube -- my excitement has intensified. There is a touch of horror, a reminiscent of Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt, a hint of incest, betrayal, blood and gore. I'm actually thinking that Mia Wasikowska (what a lucky girl!) is the product of a relationship between the mother and brother in-law, played by Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode. Due to their excitement, it seems everyone from YouTube are also trying to figure the story out. Can hardly wait!

In theatres March 21, 2013.

For more information visit the official website at

Trailer # 2 (Official)

TIK TIK The Aswang Chronicles

This is the one worth waiting for! Finally, a film that utilizes the finest in the Philippine cinema, in terms of production design, cinematography, make-up, costume, special effects, and etc. Trailer pa lang ulam na! Though a reminiscent of the universe of Frank Miller, Zack Snyder's '300' and David Slade's '30 Days of Night', I am mighty happy that somebody in the film industry has decided to produced something different from the servings we usually get. Instead of those tried and tested blockbuster magnet tactics with story lines about mistresses, sappy and cheesy cutie pie love stories, dramatic monologues, Erik Matti and his team experimented with the technologies of today and created something that could put us on the map for quality driven fantasy films. Tik Tik was developed for a total of 6 years, and it is the first Filipino film to be shot entirely on green screen. I am always up and open to watching movies that is not afraid to test the waters and is ever curious to push their limits. This would definitely open the doors for the younger generation of filmmakers to venture in a more stylized, action-packed, genre driven cinema.

I am already stoked to see this on the big screen.

For more information, visit the movie's official website at

About a Movie: Wes Anderson

"This is a Japanese cartoon that is very difficult to describe and might not sound that great if I tried anyway. It is 24 episodes, and we watched them all in less than a week because you start to want to believe it’s real. This could spawn something like Scientology." 
-  Wes Anderson/ Goop, 12th March 2009

About a Movie: Madonna

"I was actually watching In the Mood for Love [2000] again last night because I love the music. And I mean, how overused is slow motion in film? But, for some reason, he gets away with it. Every time the characters pass each other on the stairs, there's that same piece of music. It's so beautiful. He has these two married couples living next door to each other, and you never see the wife of one couple or the husband of the other, but you always hear them talking. And it's not so much of a story, but you're so sucked into it. It's something to be envied. While the stories seem simple, you really end up feeling kind of devastated and moved and melancholic every time you watch one of his movies-well, I do, anyway." 
 - MADONNA/Interview Magazine, 2010

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fish Fight

I am the 820,248 fish fighter supporting the protest against the improper discard of dead fishes back in to the sea. Do your part and join the campaign at or get involved by joining Hugh's Fish Fight on Facebook and by following the campaign on Twitter. Let's spread the word!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait

I just love this band, with an exclamation mark. Since listening to their song "Little Lion Man" I've become a true convert and a fan. I was floored right away upon hearing their new single online. Mumford & Sons put the "cool" back on banjo; giving the instrument a new-found respect it deserves. You have to pack your iPod with their music -- it is the perfect travel buddy on the road. 

Mumford & Sons new album "Babel" is truly a worthy wait.
To buy the album click the image/CD cover. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Movie Quote: Ghost World

"You think it's healthy to obsessively collect things? You can't connect with other people so you fill your life with stuff.I'm just like all the rest of these pathetic collector losers."
- Terry Zwigoff and Daniel Clowes, Ghost World

Movie Quote: In The Mood For Love

"On your own, you are free to do lots of things. Everything changes when you marry. It must be decided together."
- Wong Kar Wai, In The Mood For Love

Introducing: Fujitsu Docomo STYLE series™ F-02D

Honestly, I never really give an "ah" for mobile phones or to any gadgets; I was never a techie person. As long as I can send a message or make a call, it will do. And I prefer my point and shoot for capturing precious moments, so my camera phone is rarely put to use. All those smart phones look the same to me. Seven or eight years ago, cellphones have personality --you can differentiate a Sony Ericsson from a Nokia from a mile away -- but now, everyone is just an iPhone wannabe. Since flip phones has been close to becoming obsolete --except for the Japanese and the Koreans who still manufactures them via their own brands -- I have become more interested and attracted to them. Now they are no longer trendy, I seriously want to own one!

Fujitsu Docomo Style F-02D is a smart phone. It has a WIFI, and a camera and all the works, but it is styled in a flip form. Quite unique from the rest of the iPhone wannabes, don't you think?

For the specifications, click the link and read

Ariel Rivera: Circa 91

I found this...just a few days ago in our drawer. Ariel Rivera's debut album in a cassette tape back in the 90s. Most of the tracks made it through the local airwaves -- I was in full retro/reminiscing mode that day -- from the tracks 'Sana Kahit Minsan', 'Ayoko na Sana' and etc. The album itself is such a huge hit, even my auntie and uncle got their own copies. I"m glad I was able to keep it. Finding something like this -- that is part of my youth-- always put a smile to my face. #TreasuredFinds

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Léa Seydoux - Paris 2012

Bryan Adams (yep, the singer/songwriter/musician) made this little photographic film featuring the French actress Léa Seydoux in Paris back in February. Adams is also an accomplished photographer; I just learned about that last Saturday. Poor old me!

I visited his photography website and found his body of work for several magazine companies -- so astonishing. But simply, this one is a standout for me --  not only because Paris is my favorite city in the world and he captured it gorgeously through his lens, but because, I've been doing this kind of work as well. This gave me another idea and inspiration -- to what kind of shoot to do next for my 'Little Boy' project.

For more Bryan Adams photography visit his website @


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Movie Quote: 2046

"The reason she didn't answer was not simply that her reactions were delayed. It's simply that she didn't love me. So at last I got it. It's entirely beyond my control. The only thing left for me was to give up."
- Wong Kar Wai, 2046

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Movie Quote: In The Mood For Love

"When you're single, you are only responsible to yourself. 
Once you're married, doing well on your own is not enough." 
- Wong Kar Wai, In The Mood For Love

Saturday, September 8, 2012


My all-time favorite books as captured by my point and shoot:

I've always been a French in my past and future life. I love their cinema, culture, music, and art -- and I think Paris is the most disarmingly beautiful city in the world. Their language sounds music to my ears -- that's why I took up learning French on a self-study basis. (From left to right) This French dictionary was bought from National Bookstore about five years ago, quite expensive, but worth every penny. I have a soft spot for cut down travel guidebooks -- sufficed to say, I have a bunch of them. These two were my favorites from that collection. I got the AAA France Travel Book from NBS, just for a 100 pesos. While the Rough Guide to Paris was bought from Booksale Alabang, for the cheap amount of 100 pesos -- and upon purchase it is in a very good condition.

Among the seven sequences of the Harry Potter series the fourth book: Goblet of Fire, is my favorite installment. I have read this more than once and I've seen the film on the big screen for about four times. 'Goblet of Fire' is my favorite for several reasons. Harry is still a kid, but is in between the anticipation of becoming a grown up. As he deal with his impending adolescence, he and his friends were about to face a foreboding change in their lives upon the unexpected comeback of a prodigious nemesis of the wizarding world. purely magical but dark, stirring and mysterious at the same time. This is the first book (from the series) that made all the screaming fans dealt with death.

The genius of Orson Welles, the man, the father, the artist and the filmmaker is revered beautifully here by the late auteur's daughter -- Chris Welles Feder. I am a huge fan of Orson Welles and this biography gave me a few insights about him as a self-taught actor/writer/director. This minted hardbound copy, already wrapped up in a plastic sheet, only cost me 99 bucks from NBS Greenbelt annual book sale. A must have for every Welles fan and cinephiles alike.

My favorite book of all time! The cinema is my soul food, the fuel to my fire, the lime to my corona, my boyfriend, the one I can't live without, my ultimate passion in life, and the reason I wake up in the morning. A super find! I bought this copy from NBS Glorietta for a cut price sale of 300 pesos from its original cost of 1000+. There are several check marks noted in each titles of the films I have already seen, and my goal is to watch more quality films in this very short lifetime -- so far, this book has done an excellent job in steering me towards that path. This is my bible.

In my quaint but humble library, I have a collection of books by Paulo Coelho. There are so many to choose from, but this paperback selection of short stories by Coelho is my favorite. My short attention span, ADD tendency, always gets the better of me, but the miniature stories in this book are like vitamins that stays with me forever.

Although I have an assortment of books in my closet -- a stack of the thick classic ones are still unread. I usually prefer to read books that were mostly written in the first person narrative, just like these three. Much more, they have to be sad, depressive and nihilistic. (From top to bottom). "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk is one of the most enjoyable read I have had in years, and in my opinion, this is the best book he had written since Fight Club, but better in so many ways; it is twisted, playful, shockingly sad, and yet it ends on a positive note. "Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami is the ultimate page turner; I've read it from cover to cover as soon as I got my own copy. A bittersweet story of love lost and love unrequited, it consumed me and transported me back to 60s Japan without ever letting me go. "The Catcher in the Rye" by JD Salinger is the best book in the whole wide world, and there is no need for a counter response to that.

In my opinion, this book by Elizabeth Wurtzel is the autobiographical equivalent of The Catcher in the Rye and Sylvia Plath's 'The Bell Jar'. Once you have read it, you would want to read it all over again. As a child of the 90s -- I was raised in the counterculture era AKA as the Grunge. The word "angst" entered our consciousness; during those years we saw a rise in pill poppers, depressives and suicidals. Prozac Nation is a time capsule that takes us back to the music of Kurt Cobain, only this time you have to read the life and experiences of a girl -- suffering from that proverbial "black hole" -- as she endures and faces her own demons and the badness that surrounds her.

I'm really not that big on self-help books, but "He's Just Not That Into You" by Greg Behrendt is a game changer. I bought this copy from NBS on a discount price. Though in a minted condition, the cover of the book is factory defected, but nevertheless, the substance inside is the one that really counts. I love how this book tells us about the brutal truth about dating -- directly from the male perspective -- and how it encourages us to find the one that "is into you". A must read! If you love "Sex and the City" you would love this. After all, the author was a consultant of the TV series.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sweet Paris

Always a sucker for any pieces that features my 'City of Lights,' I come across this TVC by Lewis & Pearl today and fell in love more with my Paris -- as the beauty and charm of the city is exquisitely highlighted by the commercial. The cinematography for Sweet Paris TVC reminds me of Sofia Coppola's Miss Dior Cherie. However, never mind the resemblance, Paris is all that matters to me.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cine Europa 15

The annual Cine Europa Film Festival -- held yearly at the Shang Cineplex, Shangri-la Plaza mall, just started last September 5th  and is expected to close on the 16th. I am not a regular attendee of the said event, because it seems their screening schedule is always at loggerheads with my work or with my pocket. However, if I can indulge, at least one film for the entire festival, I would pick the September 12 date (Wednesday), which would feature the Swedish film "Everlasting Moments" at 1:00pm.

Here is the official poster for the Cine Europa 15:

Girl with the Miniature Cinema

For months, I've been circling on ideas for the title of my blog. Not having any clue whatsoever, I settled on the words, "Chin at the Movies...and everything in between." I thought it was aptly put, since my intention besides posting anything cinema related -- is to write any topics under the bright sparkling sun -- that has caught my interest -- and that has given my monotonous life some color. However, every now and then, the idea of giving my blog its appropriate title hasn't veered off from my mind. I feel that as long as my blog doesn't have its proper name then, I would forever be devoid of calling it "my cyber home".

The banner for the "Chin at the Movies & Everything in Between"

However, a literary encounter from my favorite TV series -- Mad Men, change the trajectory of this blog. It help me decide, that henceforth, "Chin at the Movies" is no more, and that now there would only be the "Girl with a Miniature Cinema." Borrowing its name from the short story "The Man with the Miniature Orchestra" from Mad Men season 5 episode 5 -- Signal 30. The story was written by Dave Algonquin, the pseudonym of SCDP account executive, Ken Cosgrove.

Well, I'm not one to explain the reasons at best, why I picked the title from the rest. So I guess, I would let the story speak for itself:

“There were phrases of Beethoven’s 9th symphony that still made Coe cry. He always thought it had to do with the circumstances of the composition itself. He imagined Beethoven, deaf and soul-sick, his heart broken, scribbling furiously while Death stood in the doorway, clipping his nails. Still, Coe thought, it might have been living in the country that was making him cry; it was killing him with its silence and loneliness, making everything ordinary too beautiful to bear.” 

Sole Mates

I do not consider myself a shoe horse, but I love a spectacularly one-of-a-kind, not-your-everyday footwear whenever I see one. I used to have a thing for Chuck's and Vans, before its revival in the early 2000, and well before my cousins from Milan started to be crazy about them. Then came my penchant for espadrilles, especially the ones that were made from Liliw, Laguna. I was over the moon for them last year, attention shifted to Oxford shoes. It all started early this year because of my fascination for Jazz, the 1920s and 30s,  the glorious fashion of the silent motion picture"The Artist". My mind was all wrapped up in those tap dance shoes that I am dead set to buy my own pair as soon as I saw one. Luckily, I bought my first kicks last May.

My first Oxford's from Rusty Lopez.  

Aiming to buy two of these Oxford shoes
(at the front row) from Primadonna Philippines.
Expensive, though!

A pair of Oxford from Cole Haan

Cole Haan New York
is probably the best brand
around to shop for your Oxford'

90210 star Shenae Grimes debuts her new
Cole Haan digs in her official website.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Officine 904

While reading Marion Ravn's official website -- I bumped into a real beauty that she was lugging around during her trip to California.

Meet Officine 904...

Officine 904 is an Italian brand that consists of stylish purses, bags and wallets made in authentic Italian leather. The products were hand made in Tuscany from the finest and the most delicate soft calfs.

I am not a leather-type of person, as much as possible I try to avoid purchasing products that are created or manufactured in leather. The structure of the bags is the real eye-candy, and the contributing factor that made it look appealing to me. I selected four designs from their creation: the Tracolla shoulder bag, 36 Ore Col. Verde Ramarro, the Nero Market Bag and the AVB Bluette. I prefer the Tracolla bag in green or blue tone, however, the image is unavailable, so I have to make do with the Cognac.

You know a genuine leather when you see one. They won't peel off as the years go by. 
Even if you kept them in a closet or a storage room, they would stand the test of time. 

Film Roundup: May 2012

United States
Directed by Brad Bird
Grade: B

United States, United Kingdom
Directed by Guy Ritchie
Grade: B

United States
Directed by Michael Mann
Grade: B+

United States
Directed by Roman Polanski
Grade: A-

United States
Directed by Tim Burton
Grade: B-

United States
Directed by Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Grade: B

France, Poland, United Kingdom
Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski
Grade: C+

United States
Directed by Jason Reitman
Grade: B

Directed by Yam Laranas
Grade: A-

United States
Directed by Josh Trank
Grade: B

United States
Directed by McG
Grade: C+

Friday, August 10, 2012

Film Roundup: April 2012

United States, United Kingdom
Directed by Ridley Scott
Grade: B+

United States
Directed by Gary Ross
Grade: B

United Kingdom
Directed by Nick Murphy
Grade: C+

United States
Directed by Cameron Crowe
Grade: A-

United States
Directed by Robert Stevenson
Grade: A-

United States
Directed by Ami Canaan Mann
Grade: C+

United States
Directed by John Avildsen
Grade: B

United States, Ireland
Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Grade: B

United States, Russia
Directed by Chris Gorak
Grade: C+

Canada, France, United Kingdom
Directed by Terry Gilliam
Grade: B

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