You Me And Charlie
I like looking around on the internet for inspirations, especially when I am running out of ideas, or when I want to discover new artists, books, music and films. I find that the best way to jug out your crafty creative juices is by scouring inspirational blogs and websites.  I remember having a Meme page at Yahoo that serves as my online storage room or cork board that contains some of "My Favorite Things", which is much too similar with Dianna Agron's Tumblr blog, also known as, which she expanded later into a creative playground of sorts now known as "You Me and Charlie".

Woman With A Movie Camera / No Country For Young Women
Italian filmmaker Elena Rossini has become one of the people I look up to. Though I've never met her in person, her work ethics, her career drive and her overall passion for what she does is utterly inspiring. She has inspired me to continuously take pictures and work on my dream as a filmmaker. This blog, along with the many websites and arc-projects she has created remains as my constant source of inspiration.
I've been reading her blog for a long time now and I must say, yes, I'm a FAN! I enjoy her honest musings, her take on everything under the sun, may it be fashion, food, furniture or a random cute and cuddly pet. But her written and photographic accounts of her travels all over the world is the one thing that made me a faithful follower of her blog through the years.

L'amor che move il sole e l'altre stell
(a.k.a La Dolce Vita!)
The writer and owner of this blog is my former third grade classmate, Monet Bauto. We were not close, but I remember being in good terms with her in our later years as schoolmates. I often see her in Alabang and Makati, but she probably do not recognized or know me any more. I like visiting and reading her blogs (even the one in Multiply that would be defunct in a few days time) because I could easily relate to her in spite of our gap with achievements and success. I am constantly surprised to find -- on a random basis -- things that we shared in common, like favorite books, movies and activities such as travel, book hunting and photography. Her blog is a true mecca of inspiration filled profusely with thought provoking ideas, knowledge and discoveries. So good job Moe and keep on posting!

Lianne Daydream Nation by LianneSpiderbaby
Oui, I've seen her clamped with Quentin Tarantino at the Golden Globes, so I got curious. I searched her name on the web and found her official website and blog. There is so much good stuff in it -- besides from her well articulated film analysis, she writes anything and everything under the sun, may it be on music, horseback riding and her vacation caught on Paparazzi cam. In my opinion, she is anything but a ditzy blonde. Her Daydream Nation blog is a really enjoyable cyberspace place to spend your time to, especially if you are willing to read lengthy film reviews.
* Spiderbaby was embroiled last year for issues on plagiarism. Her blog has been shut down immediately after the news were leaked. Too bad.

Lost in Anime
One of my weekly and daily obsessions these days is reading anime reviews and Guardian Enzo (from Random Curiosity) writes them comprehensively with such precision and pace in a rather uncanny speed. A Japanese expatriate from America he also blogs about his adventures and all things related to the land of the rising sun.

Random Curiosity
The best portal to read weekly anime reviews. They got the best writers - dissecting every episodes, everything from its story, direction, animation and production that gives you a brand new outlook in appreciating  the anime you are watching. I trust RandomC when it comes to reviews so I always make sure to drop by here and look for titles I would be screening before I spend my time downloading them, and I am telling you they are always spot on.

Movies...and there are no ample words to describe or emphasize my love for it. Through the years I've
become quite picky with the movies I choose to see, but at the same time voracious and always on the lookout for more, and I think it's because I frequently read Indiewire. Not that I'm blaming them since I have always been a Cinephile since my youth, however, this cyberspace place is a heaven of information. They cover movies, both mainstream and independent, and they even do recaps of TV series, mostly the good ones. But my favorite segment is definitely their compilation or to appropriately put that into words, "playlist". I love it whenever they do rankings of the best of this or worst of that, it makes my movie-watching life a lot easier. After all, there are so many of them and yet so little time.

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