Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Lately, I've been reading blog spaces, whether by a friend (Abbie), an intelligent host (Bianca Gonzales), and by some random people that just pop out of nowhere through search engines. Their shared thoughts, experiences, point-of-views and interests really inspires me to be more creative and to write more blog entries.

Words are really powerful. They can influence us to be more positive and help us to strive for our own dreams. If only I could read all the blogs in the world...hehehehe. If only I could accomplish all these dreams...I want to take more pictures. I want to travel. I want to finish my scripts. I want to learn a new language: French & Spanish. I want to paint. I want to help everybody. I want to be useful. I want to meet my idols. I want to sing everyday and master the art of playing the guitar. I want to learn to play the violin. I want to write a song. I want to become a filmmaker. I want to join a greenpeace boat. I want to sky-dive and bungee jump. I want to be more accepting because I know there's no such thing as satisfaction. I want my horizons to broaden up a little more. etcetera...

Never stop your desires. Always try your best even if the circumstance seems to go against you. What are you waiting for? Now is your time to move forward! Now is your time to CREATE.

What about you, what dreams would you like to accomplished someday? Please feel free to share your thoughts. Merci!


I don't mind if nobody tell me their secrets. So what!!!
Would that information be a life altering experience for me to begin with? Would it make me a better person? Would it change my quality of life? I don't think so.
Actually, I prefer not to be confided with highly confidential secrets. When you were ask by a friend to keep one he or she is holding you responsible if the information leaks out one way or another. There is too much burden imposed on a person when you keep someone else's secrets. That's why it makes me wonder, are they really concerned about their friends to let them bear their own load? Because we know, they know -- a secret would always be out in the open -- and it's human nature to scratch for the itch. When you give someone your secret it becomes a burden to that person and the natural tendency for him or her is to confide it to someone just to lessen the weight he or she is carrying.
What I hate the most is when someone talks about something, but they would never tell you what it is and instead they would say, "it's a secret!" Screw you! I really hate it when they let you know there's a secret, but they refuse to give you the detail or the key to unlock it. In that case, then they shouldn't mention it in the first place because it's also the same with saying: "I cannot trust you, you're a blabber." So, if you're not interested to tell someone your secret then it's better if you don't say anything or if you just shut your mouth and keep it to yourself. That way, everybody's calm, peaceful and happy.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Over the Rainbow

As they say, as long as there is life there is hope. God has an odd way of testing our faith and making us a better person. Through our tribulations or trials, that can be so difficult at times or most of the time, that's where we learn and become better. It would taught us to be more stronger and wiser in our future decisions. Sometimes, we want to give up by ending our happens to all. But taking our life doesn't end a thing but only suspends the pain for a very short while. I often times complain about my life...feeling everything has gone awry, but then again, I felt guilty for complaining because in a way, I'm still blessed despite of my misfortunes. I can see, I can talk, I can hear and I can walk and most of all I have the power of reason because I'm not mentally challenged. Maybe, I'm not the greatest human invention. Maybe, I'll never be special. But what's the use of complaining when at the end of the day, there is nothing to gain, only pain, suffering and hatred. The least I could do is to make use of the time that has been given to me. If fate is still against me, at least I'm confident with the knowing that I stand up to what I believe in and I kept on fighting for what I want. Don't give up...there will be a greater plan for you. Don't just moan something. Don't ever wait for reward to happen or to be given because the more you wait for it the more it evade, thus making you more miserable.

May the force be with you!!!

Carpe Diem.
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