Thursday, November 15, 2012

From Where I'm Standing

It is not an excuse to neglect your blog just because you know there are no readers around to read and criticize your mundane entries. For the past few days (and months) my attention has been all over the place. I have a very short attention span (due to ADD) so if I get caught up on to something it is difficult for me to do other things. Figuratively speaking, my brain would explode into tiny bits if I am faced with numerous duties and complexities. It takes time for me to finish a task, let alone concentrate on doing anything. Fortunately though, I went on an introspective journey in relation to the purpose and intent behind my blog. I already made the necessary reformat last September, but I still have this nagging feeling of discontent and disinterest that cannot be cured off by my passion for movies or by any cut-and-paste information of my liking. I want to do more without trying too hard. I want to travel the world, but not blog about my trips; I want to go to every restaurants I read on the internet, gulp down the best food with my family & friends and make memories with them; I want to do photo and video shoots, with me behind the camera; and I want to go back to singing just for the fun of doing it. You see, I lose all the perspective of fun (that I have conceptualized) for this blog just because I made it a responsibility as a Cinephile to post film trailers, posters, reviews and all things related to movies under the sun. I was bored and all I've turned into is a bystander by default instead of a proactive doer. What did they say about idle hands being the playground of evil? I guess my petrified self was caught off guard and I've become a very willing victim.

I'm still in my lazy mode; exhausting up the last days of my twenties before the next year's dreaded thirty. All I've got to show is my return trip to my old Japanophile self. I've been consuming voraciously Japanese anime's, food and culture; vehemently imagining being transported to old towns of Takayama, Hokkaido, Hakone, Kanazawa and the neon lights of Tokyo; packing music uploads of Japanese music -- listening to them even when I'm on clothes washing duties and while I am taking a shower. Aside from anime's the movies I have only seen this month are repeats of Woody Allen's ouvre. Too bad!

I am still in search for my own niche. Not sure what it is, but I am certain I would know what it's like. I'm a not feeling too well though, I've got this runny nose and cough. I'm having a hard time hearing because of my nose. Mother weather is being fickle-minded, but I'm hoping fully that it won't get worst and that I'll recover in time for our trip to Quezon.

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