Chin Camposano is a cineaste, French in another life-Japanophile, point and shoot photographer, art lover, anime otaku, on-and-off singer, explorer of the mind, devoted foodie, sci-fi enthusiast, and professional bum in-between days. Although she is of Filipino citizenship (with a slight tinge of Spanish ancestry from her maternal origins) she is often mistaken as an Indonesian and Malaysian by random strangers.

Born in the city of Mandaluyong and raised in the provinces of Cavite and Laguna, in the Miyazakian universe she would have left the Philippines at the age of 15 to fly with her broomstick to a foreign land -- to hunt for classic and contemporary cinemas, sing in jazz clubs, learn and speak as many foreign languages as she could, eat and drink dark chocolates, shoot videos and photographs with a vintage 8mm, a Rolleiflex, a Leica M, and a Rollei 35S film camera. She would gaze her sights over international-styled architecture, live a whole year in the city of midnight sun and polar nights and do volunteer work in a bird park. She would ride all the trains in the world, drive a stick shift vintage Citroen or a Russian Lada, collect world class wines, own a pizza junction, and work as a cinematographer, videographer, editor and screenwriting-apprentice to her big 3 auteurs: Michael Haneke, Paul Thomas Anderson and Wong Kar Wai . 

Back to reality! Chin has a degree in Psychology from Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba, which adds up to her myriad of Weltschmerz ideas. She had also spent years of work as a corporate serf in Laguna and Makati City. Although she wants to become a filmmaker she has no desire to enroll in a film school because she believes and agrees to what Werner Herzog have said that, “filmmakers don’t need to go to film school but rather explore the world on foot, and not let fear of rejection keep them from their dreams."

Chin is currently working on a venture called "The Point and Shoot and The Adventures of a Little Boy", an ongoing picture project sans any of the photographic devices such as DSLR and Instagram. At the moment, she takes on part-time work as an event planner, enjoys pro bono jobs as a photographer and videographer in order to improve, update and increase her work portfolio.

Chin lives with her parents in the Philippines, but her soul and state of mind dwells in Paris and Kyoto.

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