Friday, July 27, 2012

Roger Ebert on "Why I Love Black And White"

I've read an essay by Roger Ebert explaining the importance of black and white cinema. He expounded on its aesthete - that gives a film a distinct quality, and why there are filmmakers who continue to use it despite of the presence of colored pictures. Here is a short excerpt from that essay.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

You Make My Day

I'm not frequently online. Although I have an Android phone it doesn't have an internet connection. I rarely send text messages or make calls on my phone. But I do prefer to Tweet using the computer - just don't expect me to be posting tweets every now and then, too.

My former work colleague likes to send messages to celebrities. We used to compete who gets the reply (or retweet) from them, and I usually won. I don't know how or why. Maybe I was a little bit luckier than him with that. However, I could no longer view some of those old replies that I've received from celebrities, artists, reporters and such. Unfortunately, these are the only replies I was able to saved up from my account, before they got covered up by a whole bunch. Receiving these from them is comparable to getting a signed autograph via snail mail. They really made my day.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Proudly Pinoy

Fashion in the Philippines has elevated since the emergence of the internet. Filipinos now are not only known for their sheer hospitality, but also for their fashion forward sense of style. Perfumes and colognes is a curiosity to me. Scents gives us a sense of definition (that is way beyond words, sights and sound) and it also makes us smell good. I am truly delighted that Fashion designers such as Rajo Laurel and Michael Cinco has decided to create their own brand of perfumes. We all know about the international scene, the Chanel No. 5, Opium, Jean Patou, Burberry, etc. of the world, and they are nevertheless, expensive. It is good to know that Bench, one of the leading fashion brands in the Philippines, has made it possible for them to create a line of designer scents collection

Last week, I had the chance to smell Michael Cinco's "Impalpable" from a nearby Bench store.After I sprayed the perfume on my wrist I was floored, right away. "Impalpable" has a very notable and lovely scent that is both captivating and enthralling. If I carried enough moolah with me that day I would have bought it on the get go. Cinco, hired America's Next Top Model All Star finalist, Allison Harvard, as the face for the print ad and  TVC campaign.

Sad though that I wasn't able to whisked away with Rajo Laurel's Uno and Dos because there are no testers available from the store. Uno and Dos were bottled inside a classic glass and wood packaging that promises an authentic scent experience. I'll be looking forward to trying the Dos perfume one of these days.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

07 juillet 2012

From L to R: Joel & Karen De Ocampo (with their baby Kendra),
Gena Ong-Iko, Chin, Camposano,
Abigail Juano & Michael Quiacos
My college classmate and friend Ghena just tied the knot with his then-boyfriend now-husband Jef. The event actually coincides with my own birthday. Right there I met up with some of my few old friends. Most of them were in a relationship, some were married with children, and some (including moi) seems to be the perennial embodiment of a fun-loving single gal. I am definitely glad to have lend my time for this occasion since it enabled me to catch up with what is happening on with their lives. Surely, time flies so fast. Just couldn't believe it's been nine years since we've received our diplomas.

Magic Mike: Trailer

I want the Magic Mike experience (just kidding). Already stoked to see this film next week. Keeping my fingers cross that the forces would go in favor with me.

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