Friday, September 21, 2012

Introducing: Fujitsu Docomo STYLE series™ F-02D

Honestly, I never really give an "ah" for mobile phones or to any gadgets; I was never a techie person. As long as I can send a message or make a call, it will do. And I prefer my point and shoot for capturing precious moments, so my camera phone is rarely put to use. All those smart phones look the same to me. Seven or eight years ago, cellphones have personality --you can differentiate a Sony Ericsson from a Nokia from a mile away -- but now, everyone is just an iPhone wannabe. Since flip phones has been close to becoming obsolete --except for the Japanese and the Koreans who still manufactures them via their own brands -- I have become more interested and attracted to them. Now they are no longer trendy, I seriously want to own one!

Fujitsu Docomo Style F-02D is a smart phone. It has a WIFI, and a camera and all the works, but it is styled in a flip form. Quite unique from the rest of the iPhone wannabes, don't you think?

For the specifications, click the link and read

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