Monday, August 13, 2012

Officine 904

While reading Marion Ravn's official website -- I bumped into a real beauty that she was lugging around during her trip to California.

Meet Officine 904...

Officine 904 is an Italian brand that consists of stylish purses, bags and wallets made in authentic Italian leather. The products were hand made in Tuscany from the finest and the most delicate soft calfs.

I am not a leather-type of person, as much as possible I try to avoid purchasing products that are created or manufactured in leather. The structure of the bags is the real eye-candy, and the contributing factor that made it look appealing to me. I selected four designs from their creation: the Tracolla shoulder bag, 36 Ore Col. Verde Ramarro, the Nero Market Bag and the AVB Bluette. I prefer the Tracolla bag in green or blue tone, however, the image is unavailable, so I have to make do with the Cognac.

You know a genuine leather when you see one. They won't peel off as the years go by. 
Even if you kept them in a closet or a storage room, they would stand the test of time. 

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