My love for the cinema, the motion picture, the moving pictures (whatever the name is) remains to be without bounds. I love watching movies since my childhood and my palette is ever growing and ever changing, but of course, I'm always appreciative. I watch movies not just to be in the know, not to become a pseudo-intellectual, not for the elitism, but because cinema is art -- and art is life. I do not say or write statements that I only have my sight for quality films, since I believe that you could never classify the rubbish from a masterpiece if  you are picky on the get go. True love of cinema - at least for me - is that I am open to watch everything; and by constant watching my taste becomes more wide and refined.

In my pursuit to broaden my page on cinema I have divided my "Cinema space in parts. Check "Roundup" for my movie ratings, "Trailers" for movie trailers and "POV" for my personal take on movies, actors and auteurs. I'll be looking forward to creating more subdivision, but for now, that's all.

Thanks and happy browsing!

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