Monday, October 15, 2012

The Cycle Ends Right Now!

Plastic surgery is not the solution to stop bullying. Bullies are bullies...they won't stop teasing you just because you go under the knife. Maybe they will calm for some time after the kid had the operation, but they will continue doing the same thing later and I think it would breed a new level of bullying. I was bullied my whole life, but I don't give a rat's ass if they think my skin is darker and my hair looks like a wig. Bullies made my life like hell during my school years, and yet I've learned not to give in to their stupidity. You see, no matter what you do you could never please a bully, even if you have come to a decision to conform to their ways or to go through surgery, because they would -- in their sick and twisted pathetic little brain -- find ways to inflict pain against you. To begin with, I don't need them in my life because I don't want a bully for a friend. This world is a far better place without them on it. I feel sorry for them because in order to feel stronger, braver and better they have to feed on the little, timid, and the helpless just to get back to those who hurt them. I feel sorry because they have to be so charismatic and cool to convince people to take their side.

I am not ashamed to say that I am coward and a loser. I dislike confrontations and arguments. But at least I am not the kind of coward who hides behind a cloak of evil deeds, who pushes people around, say mean things against them or make fun of them for their imperfections (because I'm also flawed from head to toe, from skin to bones). I feel sorry for all the parents who encourages their children to participate in bullying; even laughs or scoffs off to the sight of their children beating someone around, may it be in verbal or physical. I feel sorry for those parents who has the audacity to point the blame (or the gun) to the bullied one, when matter of fact, it is their child that caused all the damages, insults and bruises --- that would take years to mend for the victim's life. This October, the bullying prevention awareness month, let's put a stop to this monstrosity. Do not be a bystander. Do something. Be an anti-bully! #StopBullying

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