Friday, June 22, 2012

Fashion Saturday: Perfume Ads (Vol 2)

In keeping with my word, this is the second installment to my "perfume ads" entry from last week. Nothing much to say. So let the video do the talking.

Happy week end!

Un rendez vous by Dior
Starring: Jude Law
Directed by Guy Ritchie

J'adore by Dior
Starring: Charlize Theron
Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud

Hypnotic Poison by Dior
Starring: Melanie Laurent
Directed by John Cameron Mitchell

Mon Jasmin Noir by BVLGARI
Starring: Kirsten Dunst
Directed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

Midnight Poison by Dior
Starring: Eva Green
Directed by Wong Kar Wai

Very Irresistible by Givenchy
Starring: Liv Tyler
Directed by Johan Renck

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent
Starring: Emily Blunt 
Directed by Romain Gavras

Prada Candy by Prada
Starring Lea Seydoux
Directed by Jean-Paul Goude

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fashion Sunday: Perfume Ads

In the world of fashion, a brand or a company has to go beyond the haute couture; they must include leather products (of shoes and bags), and they need to incorporate a skin care and fragrance line. They should have  a specific concept, an original brand of fantasy, in order to entice and attract the consumers to continue purchasing. Nowadays, several of the major fashion houses in Europe and America has turned to famous actors, actresses and athletes to be the face or the ambassador of their brand instead of signing a stick-thin fashion model.

Fashion is business; and in business you can not afford to lose. It is a tried and tested fact that celebrities are capable of generating millions (or beyond) of sure revenue. In our society, we are constantly intrigued, fascinated and obsessed with celebrities. When you see someone famous like, Nicole Kidman in a Chanel ad, it feeds that obsession. Our unconscious are easily convinced and hypnotized by those sophisticated advertisements because their plan of action moves subliminally. We are lead to believe that their promise of making us look good and feel good would actually happen once we give in to our impulse to buy.

I have a certain push-pull, love-hate relationship with consumerism (and fashion). But don't worry that's just normal. One of my guilty pleasures in fact is my love for (watching) fashion TVCs. I think now they had become more creatively driven and nothing short of entertaining. So entertaining, that it has become a habit of mine to go looking for them in YouTube. When you type say, "Chanel and a certain celebrity name" you would be surprised to see an influx of celebrity names associated as spokesperson to several fashion brands.

Yes, I love fashion ads, especially now that they had managed to look like short films. And I wanted to make one in the future! For my fashion Sunday I have posted seven of my favorite perfume TVC's featuring the leading ladies of Hollywood today. This is the first installment of my "perfume ads" entry. Volume two would be posted next week. 

Cheers and happy Sunday!

Chanel No. 5
Starring: Audrey Tautou
Directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet

The One by Dolce & Gabbana
Starring: Scarlett Johansson
Directed by Jean Baptiste Mondino

Miss Dior Cherie by Dior
Starring: Natalie Portman
Directed by Sofia Coppola

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel
Starring: Keira Knightley
Directed by Joe Wright

Diamonds For Men by Emporio Armani
Starring: Josh Hartnett
Directed by David Slade

Gucci Guilty by Gucci
Starring: Evan Rachel Wood + Chris Evans
Directed by Frank Miller

Trésor Midnight Rose by Lancôme
Starring: Emma Watson
Directed by Mario Testino

Friday, June 15, 2012

Playlist: Series No. 1

My playlist segment has been long overdue. I was planning on putting one for my music section since I've started this blog but to no avail. Today, I've luckily found myself finally doing one. Hurrah!

There are twenty tracks on this playlist. Most of them I have listened to this week and some were -- I've been glued on for almost a month. Noticeably,the songs from the 60s and 70s has outnumbered the contemporary music of this playlist. Call me old fashioned, but I love vintage music. Oftentimes you would find me listening to a lot of folk rock, classical and jazz rather than the regular top 40 hits. Don't get me wrong I do listen to contemporary music. In fact, I always make it a point to download and upload new songs on my iPod. But it is easier for me to get satiated over songs that are in vogue at the moment, so their presence is usually only for a limited time.

To listen to the song press the play button next to the title track. Enjoy!

Colors Turn To Grey (2012)
Marion Ravn
CD Single - Playroom Music
Upbeat, but definitely not a happy song to begin with. I love listening to its pop tempo Gotye-esque, 60s quality while sifting through its lyrics about "love fading away".  

Only If For A Night (2012)
Florence + the Machine
Ceremonials - Island Records
Florence + the Machine has become one of my favorite bands of today after a chance encounter with their song "No Light, No Light". I can not help but get carried away whenever Florence Welch sings the line "only if for a night". But I must say the MTV Unplugged version is so much better than the one from Ceremonials.

Tinseltown in the Rain / They Don't Know (2011)
Andrea Corr
Lifelines - AC Records
In my opinion, "Lifelines" is one of the best cover albums of all time. She did justice to every single track on the album . And even made her version of "Tinseltown in the Rain" better than the original.  The track "They don't know" (originally by Kirsty MacColl) is just lovely. Lush! 

Nights in White Satin (1967)
The Moody Blues
Days of Future Passed - Deram Records
Every time I listen to this it reminds me of Tim Burton's film "Dark Shadows". But seriously, the genuineness and the sadness of this song both melodically and lyrically is quite daunting. I love how a song could transport you back into a time that you've actually never been a part of. I think that's just powerful! 

How Deep Is Your Love (1977)
Bee Gees
Saturday Night Fever - RSO
"Cause we're living in a world of fools, breaking us down. When they all should let us be. We belong to you and me." I think that says it all. 

Shiny Love (2012)
Love Rain OST - Universal Music
This instrumental piece came from the original soundtrack of the just concluded Koreanovela "Love Rain". This track never fails to set me in to a mood of inspiration. I'm in love with "Shiny Love". So blame it on the violin. 

My Baby Just Cares For Me (1958)
Nina Simone
Little Girl Blue - Bethlehem
I first heard this song from the Bertolucci film "Stealing Beauty" and since then I love Nina Simone. This record makes me want to set up a house party and dance all night through, even if I have two left feet. 

Bye Bye Blackbird (1957)
Miles Davis
'Round About Midnight - Columbia Records
Miles is my jazz hero. He is my number one. I'm still weighing between "Round Till Midnight" and "Kind of Blue", but I love this track which I've discovered through the Jazz Impressionist CD from Starbucks. 

Poursuite (1960)
Martial Solal
A bout de souffle OST - Doxy
Jean-Luc Godard's debut film is my favorite for so many reasons: Belmondo, Seberg, Paris and the jazz soundtrack composed by Martial Solal, which perfectly equates to the playful atmosphere of the film and the trickiness of the characters. 

Baby I'm-A Want You (1972)
Baby I'm-A Want You - Elektra Records
My only favorite from Bread. Not too sappy, not too corny, just right up there with the likes of Carole King, Stevie Wonder, Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell. I love the catchy guitar hooks, the sincerity of David Gates vox, and its undoubted 70s folk-rock feel.

My Cherie Amour (1969)
Stevie Wonder
My Cherie Amour - Motown
The "lalala's" is definitely stuck on my ears. Stevie Wonder's heartfelt plea for a certain someone pierces straight right through me. 

From The Morning (1972)
Nick Drake
Pink Moon - Island Records
I've began with the introductory record "Way to Blue" now I'm definitely on my way with "Pink Moon". It is amazing how Nick Drake transformed a sad feeling into an optimistic song. I think he kicked Jeff Buckley as my number one favorite male singer. His music is definitely my cup of tea. 

"Now we rise...and we are everywhere". 

Bennie and The Jets (1973)
Elton John
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - MCA Records
Elton John at his very best. His musical adventure during the 70s are the most memorable. I guarantee that you can't help yourself but sing along when this song is being played. 

California Dreamin' (1965)
The Mamas and the Papas
If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears - Dunhill Records

You'll get instant LSS (Last Song Syndrome) with this. 

Call Me Maybe (2012)
Carly Rae Jepsen
Curiosity EP - Interscope

The world is singing along with this song. 

Breath of Life (2012)
Florence + the Machine
Snow White and the Huntsman - Island Records

Besides Charlize Theron beyond-cruel take on the wicked queen this is the only reason why I watched the movie.

It's Too Late / Beautiful (1971)
Carole King
Tapestry - Ode Records
I bought this album a few days ago in a discounted price from Astro Vision. Although I have a digital copy of the songs from 'Tapestry' owning the physical copy is a different experience in a music aficionado way. Carole King (along with Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon) changed the music scene for the better, especially for the women. They sing, they write their own songs and they play their own instruments. To me "It's Too Late" and "Beautiful" are the standout songs of this album. 

Could Have Been Watching You (2007)
Mandy Moore
Wild Hope - EMI
 A bonus track from the WalMart edition copy of Mandy Moore's  album "Wild Hope" -- her first foray into the folk-rock genre as a singer-songwriter. "Could Have Been Watching You" was written together with Lori McKenna. Though it may sound like a happy song with its jolly wurlitzer hooks,  the upbeat tempo actually clouds its sad lyrics. But overall, I like it when a song possesses a certain duality to it. 

Louis Vuitton: SC Bags

The first time I've laid my eyes on it I fell in love right away. I knew right then and there that this is love made in "bag's heaven".


Yes I am talking about a bag, and not just any bag, but a Louis Vuitton bag designed specifically by Sofia Coppola - the "SC Bag".

I first saw this piece of eye candy from an episode of a lifestyle show "The Source" hosted by Georgina Wilson, during her interview with the blogger of "The Bag Hag Diaries". Sofia Coppola, director of some of my favorite movies such as The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette, designed this bag for Louis Vuitton after her visit at the historic workshop in Asnieres.

Of course, this is a Louis Vuitton brand, which means, it is expensive and way beyond my means, so the only thing I could do is to stare at it for all I care. But anyway, what really attracted me with this bag is its sheer simplicity, functionality and designed. "It is effortlessly glamorous." You could carry it with your hand or with your shoulder.Very utilitarian...just like me! The SC bag comes in different colors, but these two are my dream purchase:

Turquoise SC Bag -- is my #1
(Photo courtesy of

The pink edition of the SC bag
(Photo courtesy of

The SC bag is a worthy purchase for a fashionable life. In the meantime, daydreaming is the only way for me to imagine that I'm a proud owner of this bag. But someday when I become rich I'm gonna get me one.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Official Trailer

Based on the best selling coming-of-age epistolary novel of the same name written by Stephen Chbosky (who also directed the film adaptation). "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" is a must-read story about the pains and joys of growing up. I would be looking forward to watching this film - although am not really stoked with the casting of Emma Watson as Sam and Logan Lerman as the wallflower Charlie. However, I think the material and the direction itself is strong enough to outweigh or make me oversee their presence.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Les Miserables (Teaser Trailer - 2012)

The film rendition of the famous Broadway musical "Les Miserables" is coming to theatres this year. As a fan of this musical I am nothing short of thrilled and excited. I have heard about this news since last year, with rumors that Taylor Swift was being offered to play the role of Cosette. However, the movie's teaser trailer that debuted last May somehow gave comfort to numerous audiences (from social media sites such as Twitter) that Swift is not included in the ensemble cast. The teaser features Anne Hathaway (as Fantine) singing a heartbreaking snippet of the song "I Dream A Dream" over the footage of the film. Although it is too early to even mention, I can sense some major Oscar buzz for both Hugh Jackman (as Valjean) and Hathaway for their acting. Well, we'll see about that next year. Cheers!

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