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Side Effects - Trailer

This looks exciting. Movies related with psychological disorders always strike home to me. This is Soderbergh and Tatum's third collaboration after Haywire and Magic Mike. Seems to me that he is being groom as the new George Clooney. Not bad.

2012 Acting Handpicks' By Chin

One year ago since my first acting handpicks' and now we're back in the game. Fortunately, most of my choices last time were right on the spot and were able to clinched the coveted 'golden guy'. The Golden Globes that just wrapped up last Monday may have given us an idea about those films and actors that would fare well for this award season. Naturally, I have my favorites so this list would be subjective at most. My special citation are still included in order to highlight those actor's that worked extra hard by appearing in more than 2 or 3 films to boot. Here they are:


Most Hardworking
Since both actors appeared in a whopping four films last year -- and in terms of likability, I consider myself their ardent supporter/believer having seen every single one of their motion pictures. So in my opinion, it is fair enough for them to share the top spot as the most hardworking actor of 2012. Good job guys!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
(The Dark Knight Rises, Premium Rush, Looper, Lincoln)

Channing Tatum 
(Haywire, The Vow, 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike)

Best Performance
Daniel Day Lewis for Lincoln

Best Supporting Actor
Leonardo Di Caprio for Django Unchained


Most Hardworking
Jessica Chastain
Two years in a row and she still leads the pack. May it be in film acting, voice dubbing and theater this actress is passionate about her work and it shows in her versatile resume. 
(Madagascar: Europe's Most Wanted, Lawless, Tar, Zero Dark Thirty, The Heiress)

Best Actress
Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty

Best Supporting Actress
Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Real Yin

I always get misunderstood as a "snob" because of my eyes. The truth is I have a rather small iris and my whites occupy most of the portions in my eyeballs -- making me look like a malevolent person. This condition however is known as "Sanpaku". Come to think of it, having sanpaku is actually a bad thing, but I was born with this condition so there is nothing pretty much I can do about it. If I yield by believing the descriptions online then I am fated to an early demise and/or prone to tragedies inside or outside my world. In the Psycho-Pass universe this mean my hues are too blurry -- I am to be pursued and apprehended as a latent criminal. Just the type of information to get me down on another one of those depressing days, especially with my current circumstance.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tamako Market PV

The winter season for anime has begun. New titles and editions have spawned all over the web for every viewers to gorge on. I myself could not wait for the second half of Robotics;Notes and the premiere of Kyoto Animation's new anime "Tamako Market," with the later having its debut today. Take a sneak peek on this  visually stunning, undeniably well made, oh so kawaii slice-of-life series and for sure your heart will just melt with its pure awesomeness. Just like what the Japanese would say...sugoi! I can hardly wait.

#MyBoys 2012

These guys made me swooned like a little schoolgirl, made my heart skipped a beat and made me giggle inside. For some reason I fell for them -- hook line and sinker. Even though I had created this collage for the sake of fun (and inspiration) itself, my selection surprised me that each one or two of these characters have something in common. Somehow, I was unconsciously speaking about the kind of guy I fancy in real life. Like this collage is a vague representation of that. But do not take me seriously for it because reality is a completely different ball park from the fictional world of anime and manga. Boys always have the grandest of time with their panty shots and big breasted female characters. So I am taking one for the girls' team, because we also just wanna have fun.

Behind #MyBoys
(From top to bottom/left to right)

Yoshida Haru - A badass with a surprisingly sweet facade. And it doesn't hurt that he is a smarty pants.

Nizuma Eiji - Artistic, weird and loud. However, do not get fooled by his eternal boy behavior because he is very much serious with his career, hence, his confidence and conviction to become the number one mangaka exudes naturally. Although he has a competitive streak he remains friendly and fair to his colleagues. 

Sakata Gintoki - Every girl loves a bad guy, especially if that guy happens to be as hot and as good looking as Gin. Aside from the physical and the obvious, this saccharine loving, manga-reading samurai won my heart because of his sense of humor. 

Okabe "Okarin" Rintarou - The mad scientist. Just like Eiji, he is loud and weird and makes the most dubious facial expressions and sound effects. I guess the weirdness part gets me every time because the feeling is mutual. 

Asaba Yuuta - Quiet, smart, athletic and caring , a girl's dreamboat indeed. 

Orihara Izaya - His nefarious side can be quite dangerous, but interesting, too. With his excellent conversational skills you could talk to him about anything and everything under the sun -- the sky is the limit. 

Oreki Houtarou - Although he is a low-energy type of guy I can not resist liking Houtarou because of his cleverly beautiful mind and his very gentlemanly instinct. Clearly, he won't ignore or turn down a girl when she needed his help. 

Kanda Sorata - He represents the truth that "chivalry is not dead". 

Kirigaya "Kirito" Kazuto - He would fight for you to the depths. 

Mashima Taichi - He is in love with his best friend but she is head-over-heels in love with someone else. Well, it's your loss Chihaya because you're a fool. Taichi is too good for you anyway. 

Yashio "Kai" Kaito - With his game addiction he is just your average and typical kind of guy, but his curiosity about things and his unwavering concern for Akiho wins me over.

Miyagishi Tohru - Girl's would always love a guy who can cook, who is ambitious, hard working and yet simple, and above all, who values friendship and family relations. He stole my heart when he cooked a porridge for Ohana when she got sick. Wow!

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