Friday, March 8, 2013

Year 2011: Melancholia

Every one would agree with me that this is the most "easy on the eyes" film by Lars Von Trier. Those who can not handle his weirdness would find this one rather manageable. Prior to this I have seen Antichrist, Dancer in the Dark and Europa, but all of them gave me a feeble feeling of stoicism and disconnection. "Melancholia" just got it right for me. The same feeling I have for Black Swan. Both movies ends with death - viewing it as a true means of a happy ending for their lead characters, instead of treating the subject as dismal and a hopeless choice. After all, Von Trier who suffered from depression consider this as his gift for the depressives. I find myself watching this movie every now and then especially when I am down in the dumps. Kirsten Dunst's miserable but sharp-tongued attack on her lines and Charlotte Gainsbourg's calm and fragile voice were two polar opposites - trading places from being strong and weak. This movie is a rare spellbinding masterpiece as it offer's us a chance to wonder what is truly essential in a world full of people that gravitates to hate, gives in to blatant materialism, nurtures apathy and modifies discrimination leading us down spiraling towards melancholy. It is only when we are face to face with our own demise - may it be psychologically and physically - that happiness can be possible for everyone. (Because everything means nothing except for the love that we give and take with us).

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