Friday, March 22, 2013

First Look: Red Data Girl

Year: 2013 | Directed by Toshiya Shinohara | Written by Michiko Yokote |
| Based on the novel by Noriko Ogiwara |
Studio: P.A. Works

For starters, I think Red Data Girl is well drawn - the overall animation is impeccable that I can't even stop singing its praises for its animators. In my opinion, the story is interesting and mysterious based solely on the premiere episode. However, I cannot go beyond that yet because everything is still pretty much premature to cast any concrete judgments. The conclusion of the first episode has already caught my attention - I want to see what's next and I want to know all the characters, especially our female lead, Izumiko Suzuhara. From what I know so far she is a shrine maiden of a rare kind - born to be protected and sheltered. But by whom and why? There are also hints that she possesses some supernatural powers being the Red Data Girl and all.

Most of the works produced by PA Works have shown incredible animation quality, however, their stories are most often ineffective. Since Red Data Girl is based on a series of fantasy novels I would expect that it could get more meaty stories compared to their previous endeavors. I just hope it could live up to its reputation and that it would stay as a strong series that could become a contender for 2013's year end's best. Kudos by the way for the feel good music featured on the OP and ED - the spring vibe is written all over it, and the melody is quite addictive. 

Red Data Girl - Preview

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