Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Anime Preview

I've told myself to make it a point to post a blog entry every time I go online in order to wane off my writer's block (although I'm not even remotely good to qualify as one), to practice concentration, and to exercise the use of English jargon from time to time - so I won't be stupid enough when I have to write paper works and letters and such.

Most of the anime's from last year's Autumn-Winter season just wrapped up. There are so many new titles - it's hard to keep up what to follow. I've narrowed down my list based on the anime's I'll be watching for the Spring season. This time around I have decided to completely avoid harem rom-coms after a disappointing turn of Oreshura. I never really intended to watch that anime in the first place but I just took a gander on it for fun. True to its form,all the female leads crowded one confused MC; all the shenanigans was fun but the indecisive ending ruined the series.  So my mind's made up though, no more harem genre for me. Phew!

Red Data Girl - the anime on the top of this list, will no longer be included for this blog post since I have already made a "First Impression" review of the series last week.

Without further ado, here are my Spring 2013 to-watch list. To watch the preview click the play button.

xoxo, Chin

Studio: ZEXCS

Studio: Bridge

Studio: White Fox

Studio: Manglobe

Studio: J.C. Staff

Studio: Sunrise

Studio: Wit Studio, Production I.G.

Studio: Production I.G.

Studio: JM Animation,Satelight

Studio: JM Animation,Satelight

Studio: Studio Gokumi

Studio: Madhouse
*Watch the PV on the official website

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