Saturday, March 2, 2013

Year 2000: Amores Perros

This Mexican film by Alejandro Gonzales Inaaritu is probably one of the first foreign language films that I really love and the one that started my being open to watching any subtitled-foreign films. When I was younger most of the movies I used to see were limited to those formulaic cookie cutter Hollywood motion pictures, they are technically poor in quality and originality, but being an adolescent in my 90s you can say that I am clueless about movie reviews and my only real concerned is to be entertained. But when 'Amores Perros' came along it changed my whole outlook and trajectory towards filmmaking. I was in awe by the way the stories were presented in this movie and how the lives of each characters were interconnected and drawn one way or another. It is like watching life through a looking glass, but without any smoke and mirrors.

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