Friday, March 8, 2013

Year 2007: Into the Wild

There was an "Into the Wild" phase in 2007 (at least for me) that made me ecstatic through and through. I bought the soundtrack by Eddie Vedder and read stuffs about Christopher McCandless on the internet and look forward with such obsession to watching the film by Sean Penn - who created a masterpiece out of the book by John Krakauer. The film featured beautiful landscapes of the American wilderness as Christopher McCandless (played by Emile Hirsch to the T) renounces material possessions and detached himself from civilization and of human connection. Whether his act can be viewed as heroism by those advocates of simplicity or perhaps, as an act of foolishness by the materialist and the pragmatist, nevertheless, this film focuses on McCandless's humanity, including his own faults, his desire to make peace within and around himself, and to know what it takes to love - may it be in the cradle of mother nature. Into the Wild's true beauty lies in its quiet moments and solitude where our heart's can comprehend beyond what our doubtful eyes cannot.

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