Friday, October 11, 2013

First Look: Kyousogiga

I expect many great things from Kyousogiga in spite of its not-so-moe animation and my lack of familiarity about it. They did an ONA and anime specials before, which I haven't seen yet. So the source of my knowledge about this series is amateur at best and only through the recap and first episode. And based on what I've seen this anime is going to be like Alice...falling down on a rabbit hole. It's a mishmash of fantastical ideas, filled with craziness and eccentricities, and we've only just begun. Seriously, I don't even have a Goddamn clue what the hell it's about, but I'm more than curious to find things out and be carried away by their bizarre nonsense or what. By its title alone it already live up to its name - Capital Craze. If you do not enjoy unconventional storytelling then this anime is not made for you. But if you like surprises enclosed in a bag of treats better hurry up and start watching this show ASAP. 

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