Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Me and Abby (alongside Haide, Gena and Pam, yup the original "Untouchables"), we go a long, long way back more than the rest of our BS2 pals. My friendship with her started in the not so memorable Chemistry laboratory of Letran. But one thing is for sure that moment is emblazoned in our minds, just like the time we were caught late in that said class because we saw Stigmata at WalterMart...hahaha. And that's like 14 years ago and counting. Abby, thanks for being my John Lennon to my Ringo Starr -- because we share the same birthdays with these two Beatle members. For being my Marit Larsen to my Marion Raven -- because we're not only friends but also music buddies and we used to be the M2M's of BS2. For being my favorite cinema buster (Exorcist days and Harry Potter?). For always having my back. For listening to my craziness, boring real life stories, unrequited loves, and off-the-chart impossible dreams, Facebook or no Facebook. Thank you for the sleepovers, pig outs, SVH books unreturned courtesy of me, and for being so uber nice to my family. For you, I'd fight catfights, with matching claws and all. I've never known any one as pure and kind-hearted as you. You have inspired me to continuously reach for the stars and to shoot for the moon. We'll forever be young at heart even if we are both wrinkled and gray. Happiest birthday Abs! Wishing you the fulfillment of your dreams and heart's desires. We will always have Letran! Fat or nonfat. In this life we may not share the same parents, but I know you are my soul sister. Love you always! =)

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