Saturday, October 12, 2013

First Look: Non Non Biyori

When it comes to cute anime characters doing cute things I will be forever more their patron saint. I do have exceptions though, no ecchi plots, no fat breasted females, and no panty shots. Those concepts are not in the cards for me plain and simple. My thunderous applause goes out to the show's character designer, Mai Otsuka. 

Renge is such an adorable girl in my opinion. She won me over in a heartbeat after I heard and see her playing the recorder -- sometimes off key and short winded. It may be your typical shoujo slice-of-life anime on the surface, but the scenery and the set-up on rural Japan feeds my curiosity. They live in the country (according to my research the location was inspired by Tsuyama, Okayama), they don't lock their doors, they are cramped up in the same class room because there are only five of them all over the town that are school bound. And if you missed the bus chances are you have to wait for another two hours. What a life! 

P.S. I hope the Onii-chan gets more screen time and lines next time. 

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