Thursday, May 17, 2012

Film Roundup - March 2012: Another Earth

Another Earth (2011)
Directed by Mark Cahill

Grade= A-

Not all Science Fiction films are made with high-flying special effects. On the contrary, some of them were quite minimal and simple; just barely choosing to focus on the emotion of the character and the story behind their conflict. Personally speaking, Sci-fi is a varied cathartic outlet that helps a writer branch out the unfeasible into something that is probable. To some, it may be a past mistake that one longs to be corrected or a comfort from hopelessness.  In “Another Earth”, Rhoda, a beautiful and smart incoming MIT student suddenly finds herself cut off from the comforts of her almost perfect existence after she unintentionally killed a mother and a child from a vehicular accident. Released from prison after four years, with a burgeoning remorse over her past action, she feels isolated from the people around her and the life that she used to know. Racked by guilt, Rhoda chose to work as a janitress in a school during the day as to escape from her own familiar world, whilst in her free time she poses as a demo in-house cleaner to John, the widower of the woman she killed from the accident, in order to atone to her crime and to eventually, apologize. “Another Earth” is set against the discovery of Earth 2, a living planet parallel to Earth that somehow promises an opportunity to everyone of finding a different self and a different life. The dramatic context of the story with its subtle but powerful Sci-fi twist homogenizes the sorrow and the renewed hope of each character as the sighting of Earth 2 begets them their losses and the anticipation of travel to Earth 2 restores their chances to live again and love.

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