Friday, May 18, 2012

Auteur: Orson Welles

"Citizen Kane has been dubbed by many as the greatest movie of all time and the genius behind it was regarded as the best filmmaker of all time, too. Of course, if you've never seen Citizen Kane and have no idea who is Orson Welles then you would go with the counter response towards the aforementioned statements. The pseudo-intellectual film critics I’d come across with from time to time have their reservations and are likely to feast on the undesirable and would fare on the negative rather than to celebrate his astonishing contribution to cinema. I could rundown a “Before Orson Welles list” but it would not be enough. His work on Kane has done so much that it became a curiosity to me. That one motion picture leads me to reading about his life, his other works behind the camera, on stage, film and radio. I’ve learned that he is a voracious reader who had started his work as an actor in Dublin’s “The Gate”, he has no college degree, has traveled all over the world, worked as a magician, and was a self-taught filmmaker. In short, he enrolled in the best university of all, the University of Life. Welles’s film Citizen Kane is a perspective on curiosity itself and a study of life in general. It works on the foreground about man’s ardent need to be loved by taking the most prosaic cliché of all that “money cannot buy happiness”. He transformed that idea into an epic film of ultimate auteur-ship, from its Academy award winning screenplay, striking cinematography, technical achievements and believable production set, Orson Welles was a man ahead of his time.” 

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