Friday, May 18, 2012

Auteur: Charlie Kaufman

“As weird as it gets, one cannot help but wonder what goes on with Charlie Kaufman’s mind. Although for now he had made only one film as a director, he had penned more than five screenplays to boot. His out of the box ideas never cease to amaze me. There is that eponymous film about a fictional portal of John Malkovich, a clinic that specializes on erasing the memories of a forlorn lover, doppelgangers, Jungian psychology, solipsism and vice versa. Some films made by other filmmakers end after the credits flashes, but a Kaufman film continues to daze and haunt us long after the curtain falls; as there is always something new to discover beyond what was digested firsthand. Kaufman is an intrepid filmmaker that constantly requires his audiences to work as hard as they have to. I guarantee that you would find the experience rewarding if you take the route to view his films more than twice. For what is worth, his unique style of filmmaking is a renewing force itself into the world of art. Surely, it feels less lonely knowing there is a Charlie Kaufman around.” (18 May 2012)

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