Sunday, April 20, 2014

Seeing Double — Enemy (Impression)

Enemy brews a strange atmosphere akin to the motion pictures of David Lynch and David Cronenberg's; at least a cross or a hybrid of the two. I think Villeneuve omitted some scenes/and the real ending from the Saramago novel. The details I was looking forward to (based on the book) wasn't there. Melanie Laurent was underused; should have had more scenes besides from being sexy and doing Jake G. I felt the ending was rushed and I just didn't get the meaning of its "eerie" finale. However, Villeneuve's fine eye and directorial skills manages to veer it off from becoming a disaster and has steered it to an enjoyable movie in spite of its minor shortcomings. This film right on the get go lives up to its bizarre reputation - with all the questions leaving you hanging and wanting for more. Multiple viewing is recommended.

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