Thursday, April 10, 2014

First Look — Mushishi Zoku-shō

If there is a series this season that I've been mostly excited about then this would be it. 

Mushishi is not your typical anime. It is not suffused with outrageous cliche's of the now nor built in with the usual stereotypes that makes an Otaku such a revile creature of the real world. We don't have the Moe, panty-shots, brocons, siscons and lollicons here and possibly all the jaded tropes that we have seen and heard before. Mushishi is in a league of its own just like the folks from Studio Ghibli. I know I'll be singing its praises here like a lark although not everybody shares my opinion about it. Fundamentally, the absence of or the lack thereof of the aforementioned tropes could be the cause of alienation for the uninitiated viewers. They feel that its quietness is "deafening" and its calmness as "boring". Which is a loss for them if you ask me. 

I'm glad there are still people out there who cares for good materials. Who do this medium for the sake of art and not just for the purpose of selling out; and are brave enough to give us fans a second season in spite the pressures of the economics. So although we're just on episode one I'm already thankful for ArtLand for Mushishi Zoku-shō. As we all know, it's nearly a decade since the first series, who would have thought a second season would be possible. 

Mushishi Zoku-shō has still the same gusto as the first season. Classic and subtle. Hauntingly receptive. Laid back and introspective. I like how the premiere episode was built. First, it gave full spotlight on its guest character, his background story -- before leading up to the full anticipation of us meeting Ginko once again. Mushishi is and has always been a character driven story. Every single one of them plays an important part to Ginko's travels and they are not just some device to past the time. One thing I also love about this series are the characters, they were written with such truthful humanity about them. There's a certain sort of kindness, sadness, cynicism and flawed aspect to their makeup; like the kind of people you'll chance to meet in every walks of life. 

The Mushishi's of anime is a gem and a rarity. We don't get to experience them much often and if we do they are always under-appreciated and completely underrated. So better keep your eyes open and stay alert because this could be over before you know it. 

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