Thursday, April 24, 2014

Destination: Empanada Nation

After a major job hunting letdown, and since I was in Makati for the day, I've decided to look for a new restaurant to fill my famished stomach and I've found to my surprise, Empanada Nation, a haven for empanada and Ilocos food freaks. Located at Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, just a walking distance from Aegis People Support. 

Ilocano empanada is different from your regular-everyday empanada. Rolled with meat, veggies and egg, deep fried and should be eaten right away with spicy Ilocos vinegar. Yummers! 

Financially robbed to do local travels? For the meantime, get your dosed of these affordable Ilocano inspired menus by Empanada Nation. 

Late lunch Ilocos style. Nice talaga akong buena mano sunod-sunod ang customer na pumasok...hahaha. Highly recommendable for foodies and foreigners craving for authentic Pinoy dish. The manager is uber nice, too. He approached me and asked me questions/suggestions about their food and services. He even took this photograph of moi. 

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