Monday, September 2, 2013

Six Seasons of Madness

If the U.S. Library of Congress could deemed any show as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant," Mad Men will fit the bill perfectly. Unlike most viewers, I am generally picky with the kind of TV series I watch. I don't fall for the usual crime and action serials, rather I prefer something that would make me think. Watching (movies and TV series) is not just a form of entertainment to me but a way to educate myself, so I screen what I watch and read reviews from reliable news websites, such as Indiewire, HuffingtonPost, New York Times and The Guardian before I jump on the bandwagon. Being a Psychology major, a history buff and some sort of cultural anthropologist Mad Men is my meal ticket to anything and everything 60s. It's been 6 years since its "premier" season and we're now nearing the beginning of a new decade and closing in on a turbulent one. Season 7 next year will surely be a bittersweet experience. Whatever the finale may bring I am eternally grateful for the ride. 

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