Wednesday, September 11, 2013

De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone)

Year: 2013 | Directed by: Jacques Audiard | Roundup Rating: A

For what its worth, if appropriate, you can renamed this movie as  "blood and sweat" for all its hard-boiled scenarios that comes across as unflinchingly violent, almost at par with the cinema of  neo-realism - sans the used of non-actors. Ugly is the word I associate intrinsically with the former genre, after all neo-realism, coining it astutely, is about life in general — a wasteland  of mess, fucked ups and human decay. Audiard's motion picture is a  raw entertainment art piece that rouses its audiences the ardor of  its pure imperfection.

The emotional and evocative jolt displayed by the lead actors — Matthias Schoenaerts and Marion Cotillard, comes close-to-personal  and at times terrifyingly convincing, both sparingly and unsparingly  in their silences and in their intense outbursts — the way  circumstances are dealt with supposedly in real life. 

When it comes to the story Rust and Bone is more than just a  depiction of what it seems to be firsthand. Above all, I think it is a story about love, its redemptive power and ability to transform us even if we are scarred deeply and the wounds inflicted by incidents or by our own making appears to be beyond repair. This film shows us that by all means what is hopeless can be saved, especially when there is  someone willingly able to believe, may it be from friendship or  family or anyone whom we choose to be connected with in our life. 

I always love a good love story and I think this one is not your  typical one at that. If you enjoy love stories but vehemently detest  chick flicks Rust and Bone would do good for you, particularly if  you like the brutal truth of things — no smoke and mirrors, then this motion picture is highly recommendable for your viewing pleasure. 

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