Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chin’s 17 Goals.

I consider myself an eternal seventeen year old, but the pity of me is I’ve never gotten to do a list of seventeen to-do things when I was in my actual seventeen. Since I have just put up my official blog (after abandoning the one I have from Multiply and Tumblr) I’ve decided to write my list now. Like they say, “it is better late than never.”

1. Improve my cooking skills. I love cooking and eating. Food brings people together. Now having said that, I like whipping up a nice meal to my friends and family, but I hope to become really good at that. I just bought a recipe book on Spaghetti and I swear to cook them this year. I want to become a master on cooking Pastas (although am not an Italian and I do not live there). If that happens, I would elevate myself to cooking French cuisines, pizzas, learning how to cook kare-kare, Bicol express and adobo.

2. Hone my skills on photography and videography. Photography is one of my personal passions I hope to really enhance. My goal is to further my abilities with the use of my point and shoot camera, take more photos, then, master all the nitty gritty techie soft wares on editing and color grading.

3. Attend Film Festivals and watch local independent films. 

4. Travel to places reachable by buses and trains. Given my financial disadvantages (and crises) which impedes my wanderlust, I have decided for now – that domestic travels by land will do.

5. Write more! Whether it is a blog entry or a story or a poem – I just like writing for my own personal satisfaction.

6. Read more! I’ve been too lazy this past year that the number of books I have bought unread have piled up now on my closet. Time to feed and polish my brain from the rust.

7. Lose weight. I have lost some pounds early last year but started gaining back the weight due to some personal dilemmas. Just for the sake of fitting in to my old clothes I would shed some, but I have no intention of going skinny – because I love to eat!

8. Spend wisely and save my money. That’s definitely one thing I have to do. I’m the worst spender if you know what I mean.

9. Sort out my junk. 

10. Participate and lend an extra hand to causes that I believed in. Because there are far more important issues in this world than me.

11. Record more YouTube videos with my best gal-pal Abbie. We’ve just started video recording some cover songs together late last year, which is so much fun. I just hope we could do this more often. You’ll never know – some people might be interested in our talents and join us put up a full band.

12. Put up a business. 

13. Sign myself up as an organ donor. Because I wasn’t that much of a help as a living person – that I want someone to use them well when I die.

14. Audition (whether in singing or acting) when there is a chance. I’ve avoided doing this my whole life for fear of rejection and embarrassment. But why now? Because everyone dies and I was a fool to let time and opportunities pass me by. Those times of what could have been and what might have been is over. That’s why I need to do this.

15. Spend time with friends. All of us are busy one way or another, but it is a pity to lose communication and to not be able to hang out with them even if it takes only for a day.

16. To learn French and Spanish and to better my English skills. I’m a Francophile so I’ve been studying French for some time, but I’m not fluent. I guess I know very little. I’m thinking of hitting my language books again to learn French, especially Spanish – before every High School students in the Philippines does. I also hope to build up my English vocabulary and to be able to use the language both written and oral because being good at that would carry me far.

17. Visit Churches. I could not swear to attend the Sunday mass because I’m such a procrastinator. I want to visit, step-foot and take pictures of the old Roman Catholic churches here in the Philippines (and hopefully someday in abroad, too). Those old medieval churches are the best place to see artworks, from one corner to another and you can see paintings and sculptures – everything! I’m a culture/historical buff and a museum hoarder so this one is a must-do on my list.

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