Monday, October 10, 2011

My Makati: Part Une

The whole point of creating a new blog is to find inspiration again -- something I lack for some time now. An old classmate from third grade inspired me to start (or build around my journal) with pictures. As we all know having and lugging around the metropolis with my own point and shoot camera helps. 

I've been working in the city of Makati for 3 years now. And when you're in the city spending is inevitable. Being there daily also means that  I'm surrounded with skyscrapers, noise and smoke pollution, traffic, busy people who are always in a hurry and are consumed in the city's constant activity. But Makati is different. It's like stepping into a whole new dimension. To me, Makati is the NYC of the Philippines. You have the business structures, the Stock Exchange, museums, diversified collection of restaurants and fast food chain, and yes...the people from all walks of life, some from the bucolic provinces of the Philippines and some from the other side of the globe.

As I get to walk every day in the Ayala Triangle, MSE and Salcedo Village for work that's where my first (photo) blogging of Makati commences on. 

** From now I have to remember that ATG operates only from 6am to 10pm. Mademoiselle, that means, no more late night walk in the park. 
Ingenious is the person who had placed these asymmetrical silhouttes on the ground. The park looks like a living and breathing museum because of it. 
Has any one ever thought of using this spot as a wedding location. I've always wanted to plan a wedding here - not mine of course, but of somebody else's. 
But it would sound a little tacky if you say you'll be marrying in the Stock Exchange. Who gives a shit? Let the money roll. 
The bustling noise of the PUVs and the ongoing construction of the Makati Avenue lane is a hassle not to be trifled with. 
Madame my apologies but you are the victim of (VPL? just kidding)  or this girl's uncontrollable urge to click the shutter of her camera. 

(Originally posted on September 8th, 12:37)

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