Monday, October 10, 2011


A simple treat brought by my sister -- all the way from Milan -- during her short summer vacation this August. This thick chocolate (not so sweet spread) remains a favorite of my tastebuds since high school. Refrigerated or kept warm 'Nutella' never fails to put me in "it's-so-delectable-i-can-whip-the-spoon-with-my-tongue mode."
The best chocolate chunk cookies I've ever had (even besting out Chips Ahoy! in my opinion). The cookies are crunchy and it's definitely filled with chocolates. Found this one on our refrigerator, without any knowledge where it came from, so I'm not even sure whether it was bought from a nearby grocery here in the Philippines by my mother or if given by my family from Italy. My next job at hand when I have the chance to visit the grocery is to look for this brand and buy it ASAP!

(Originally posted on September 7th, 15:02)

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