Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Culinary Journal: My Very Own Fried Rice

I've been experimenting on recipes for fried rice every now and then. Last time I checked, I was inspired to create this one based on a cooking show I saw on TV. It's quite simple, easy to prepare and the ingredients are cheap. What I like about fried rice are the endless possibilities with making it. You can mixed and toss veggies, meat and spices and it will turn out fine, but of course if the cooking is done right it would turn out delicious.

I love creating and trying out new recipes for myself but I'm more excited when I have to prepare something for my friends and family. This one, I would give it a go when my best friend visits me one of these days. As I have successfully done this recipe thrice I am now confident to try to cook something more adventurous such as Paella and Gumbo in the near future.

Fried Rice Surprise

- Rice
- Spam Classic (luncheon meat)
- Carrot
- Cucumber
- Canned Tuna (San Marino or Century Tuna)
- Spaghetti Sauce - Italian Style
- Butter
- Aji Ginisa
- Salt (to taste)

1. Sliced your Spam Classic, Carrot and Cucumber into small bits.

2. Fried your carrot using butter. Add luncheon meat, rice, Aji ginisa, cucumber and tuna. Mixed them all together, then add your spaghetti Sauce.
      Note: The original recipe was without cucumber, but I've added it on the ingredient list because I think it would remove the stench of the fish. Instead of tomato sauce I have used the spaghetti sauce for its playful flavor. 

3. Add some salt for finishing touches.

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