Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Have you ever been a witness to God's divine intervention? I could say "yes" with an exclamation point. I have a friend who married her first love. Her name is Pam. She and her boyfriend (now husband) Jay-R were separated for a very long time, but somehow, fate manages to bring them back together for the second time. That's what I called true "destiny." They must have done something good to deserve such good karma. Sabi nga, love knows no time and boundaries. Kaya kahit you've been apart for too long you're love for each other withstands the past and bridge it to your present.

What amazes me is that I was able to see the purpose behind God's will through their love story. Distance enabled them to grow as mature individuals, and discovered what they strongly needed in their lives. They were separated by God to be prepared for the right time their love has reach its full bloom. Past relationships made them better and keener to the challenges that life has to offer. And it also allowed them to see the importance of one another. Knowledge to distinguish that he/she is finally the right "one."

Most recently, God bestowed Pam & Jay-R another blessing by the birth of their daughter Astrid - the fruit of their love.

I hope the same luck and happiness for everyone searching and hoping for true love. It is rare nowadays, but amidst of the turbulent changes and chaos happening all over the world I'm sure there is a silver lining at the end of the road for every one. Kumbaga nga, "love moves in mysterious ways," so just hold and be patient.

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