Friday, August 10, 2012

Playlist: Series No. 2

Goodness gracious! Two months had passed since my first playlist. There are several songs that I'd been listening to at this span of time. In fact, I could not recall every single one of them, but for the most part, my choice of sound seems to lean to instrumental pieces from motion picture soundtracks. I discovered diverse musical artists all over the world and had probably collected some noteworthy compositions by Nino Rota and then some.

To listen to the following tracks press the play button. Enjoy!

Shimbalaiê (2011)
Maria Gadù
Maria Gadú - Som Livre
The perfect summer song to listen to, at the beach or on a road trip. Portuguese language music seems to have this uncanny, rejuvenating feel. I was supposed to use this as a background music on my short film project, but my video was too short -- it didn't fit with the song. 

Skinny Love (2008)
Bon Iver
For Emma, Forever Ago - 4AD/Jagjaguwar
I've been hearing a lot about Bon Iver but I came across with this song just two months ago. A very polarizing song, indeed, as the music sounded happy, but the lyrics is about unrequited love or a relationship that is one-sided. 

La Dolce Vita (Finale) (1960)
Nino Rota
La Dolce Vita OST - RCA Victor
Like is an inferior word to describe how much I love this music by Nino Rota. I've seen the film because of the music. And I love playing it over and over again on my iPod and laptop.  The combination of jazz, dance and the flavors of old Italia makes me want to put an all night-er to a party, with this as the ambient sound. 

The Sweetest Thing (2009)
Camera Obscura
My Maudlin Career - 4AD Records
Finally, had my first serving of Camera Obscura. The song is sweet and the video is subliminally fun. This is one of the few indie songs you could really dance along with. 

The Way I Am (2007)
Ingrid Michaelson
Girls and Boys - Cabin 24
One of my favorite love songs, although there are so many. A wedding video from Sweden, with a couple using this tune for their first dance, got me hook all over again -- that I ended up using this music for my short film. 

Ue o Muite Arukō (Sukiyaki) (1961)
Kyu Sakamoto
Sukiyaki and Other Japanese Hits - Toshiba-EMI
I always love the cover version of 4PM, but after hearing the original recording by Sakamoto, I've had a change of heart. Every time I listen to it a feeling of resurgence, a reverie -- of youth and innocence -- of the 1960s contained in a time capsule -- carries me right back there. 

Bo nae ji mot han ma eum (Piano Ver.) (2006)
Alone in Love OST - EMI Music Korea
A simple piano tune to relax my day. Quick enough to make me sentimental like the characters in the Korean series that it was written for. 

Because (2006)
Kim hyun chul
Il Mare - Korean Music
There are several music from this soundtrack that I like, but this is the one that stays with me -- above anything else. Maybe it has to do with the emotive violin part or "the three things a person cannot hide" scene, where it was played. Either way, I love it. 

Unchained Melody (1955)
The Righteous Brothers
Just Once In My Life - Philles
I'm sending this one into the void for someone out there, "darling wait for me." 

I Will Wait For You  (1964)
Michel Legrand
Les Parapluies de Cherbourg
Not every love stories has a happy ending, but there is always its beautiful music that gives the film its memorable moments and its haunting quality. 

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