Friday, June 15, 2012

Louis Vuitton: SC Bags

The first time I've laid my eyes on it I fell in love right away. I knew right then and there that this is love made in "bag's heaven".


Yes I am talking about a bag, and not just any bag, but a Louis Vuitton bag designed specifically by Sofia Coppola - the "SC Bag".

I first saw this piece of eye candy from an episode of a lifestyle show "The Source" hosted by Georgina Wilson, during her interview with the blogger of "The Bag Hag Diaries". Sofia Coppola, director of some of my favorite movies such as The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette, designed this bag for Louis Vuitton after her visit at the historic workshop in Asnieres.

Of course, this is a Louis Vuitton brand, which means, it is expensive and way beyond my means, so the only thing I could do is to stare at it for all I care. But anyway, what really attracted me with this bag is its sheer simplicity, functionality and designed. "It is effortlessly glamorous." You could carry it with your hand or with your shoulder.Very utilitarian...just like me! The SC bag comes in different colors, but these two are my dream purchase:

Turquoise SC Bag -- is my #1
(Photo courtesy of

The pink edition of the SC bag
(Photo courtesy of

The SC bag is a worthy purchase for a fashionable life. In the meantime, daydreaming is the only way for me to imagine that I'm a proud owner of this bag. But someday when I become rich I'm gonna get me one.

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