Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lakbayan Series: Cavite to Batangas Pt 1

Travel is one my favorite things to do, though I haven't had the chance to do it more often due to time constraints and lack of budget. When I take photos of my local sojourns (well I've never been out of the country), I named my photo albums as "Lakbayan."

Lakbay, is the Tagalog word for travel, and bayan is the Tagalog word for town, city, motherland or nation. Infused them together and we have Lakbayan. Since I already have my camcorder, I've decided to use it as springboard for my dreams of becoming a videographer and film editor. Since I've just begun with this whole experience, I can assure you that my skills are still developing and not yet to be considered as a professional. But well, at least I've tried. 

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