Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Engagement & Wedding

The wedding of my cousin last August 21st was the highlight of my year. Probably because it made me live up to my potential as a person -- capable of handling crucial responsibilities. I was assigned to be her co-wedding coordinator, along with the Special Events by the Planner team. But overall, I was the one in-charged of practically...everything. Except of course with the decisions regarding her choice of photographers, florist and couturier. The scheduling for her engagement pictorial, the seating arrangement and the supplier for her souvenirs and etc were all up to me. Not to brag too much any more, I've did this video collage of her engagement photos that was taken outside the Caleruega retreat house in Nasugbu, Batangas (and some snippets of her wedding).

The gorgeous and effortless photographies were shot by Digital Picman. I said effortless because the photos looks so easy on print, but behind the scenes everything was so gruesome, even the preparations prior to the photo shoot. The weather in Nasugbu that time was totally cold and wet, but we were very thankful that the rain fell after the shoot or else it would be a real disaster for every one.

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