Sunday, January 19, 2014

Not A Penny To His Name — Inside Llewyn Davis (Impression)

The soundtrack for this film is rad; I've downloaded them right away, and now I'm practically suffering from last song syndrome(s). This movie doesn't have a plot in particular but I did't mind coasting along with Llewyn Davis as he crashes on somebody else's couch, make wrong decisions, play catch-up with a tabby cat, sing his music and refuses to compromise his art for the sake of "selling out". I've been waiting to see this movie for months and months and it did not disappoint. The Coen Brothers are simply brilliant in all counts, always on the top of their game whatever genre they pursue. The screenplay is what made this film shine; each line and dialogue were graced by the Coen's naturalistic approach and their famous knack for humour. Great performances from the entire acting ensemble; I am totally fangirl crushing now on Oscar Isaac. Plus, the cat is so adorable, I think he just stole the show.

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