Friday, January 10, 2014

...And the damage is done — A Separation (Impression)

I don't understand my unnecessary delays from watching this movie. After all, this is a much superior work for Asghar Farhadi compared to his current hit "Le passé", which I've seen last year. The story is a realistic portrait of Iran, the Arabic life and their people, with a script that was written with such pathos that can only be paralleled by a flawless acting from its entire cast. So many things I have learned from this movie. Not that it's there, but now I know why Filipinos are loved as Caregivers -- due to their high tolerance for physically and emotionally demanding workload, which includes wiping other people's asses (that's a big deal) because married Arab women can't do that without the permission of their husband's. The main character, Nader, is a stubborn jerk. No wonder his wife wants to divorce him; he is incapable of logic, reason and listening. If only he adheres to Simin's (his wife) explanation without rebuffing her every time she tries to do something for the welfare of their child then, the risk of their circumstance would have been reduced. Involving their daughter to make a false statement in the court was a reflection of his selfishness. He doesn't even give a damn about the effects and consequences of bringing her into the courtroom for questioning. Most parents would do their best to shunned away their child from such a place because they know its effects is traumatizing. "A Separation" is a surprising tour de force masterpiece from the incoming wave of Arab cinema. Invigorating...and a socially engaging drama.

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