Monday, July 8, 2013

Final Notes: Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

Year: April 4, 2013 - June 27, 2013 | Directed by: Yūji Yamaguchi
Episodes: 13 | Written by: Tatsuhiko Urahata | Based on the manga by Tatsuhiko Hikagi
Studio: Studio Gokumi | Roundup Rating: A-

This is the type of series that gets more better as it becomes much weirder. I don't think that Crime Edge suits the traditional anime route -- it's in its nature to be shocking and unnerving, and that's what sets it apart from the rest. Where its comfort zone lies is the uninitiated viewers discomfort. And I have no trouble with the blood, killing and the nibbling, well maybe except for the fluids. I rejoice and my attention is all focused when scenes are always out of the box. Maybe it sounds sick but I like pushing my mental threshold from time to time.

The animation is top notch, although it is more in the cutesy side, but the coloring/cinematography is so elaborately gorgeous that it balances out the strange and the kawaii. The summer season doesn't have a lot of quality anime to boast, so it is a relief that Crime Edge comes in perfectly as a sleeper hit with a rather unique storyline that could easily haunt our imaginations. I honestly want a second season after its rather vague conclusion. But I guess at the moment that would be out of the question since BD/DVD sales have always been a determining factor and so far Crime Edge is performing poorly at the market. It is such a shame that series like these are getting frowned over by the Japanese viewers in favor of lolicon's and siscon's of otaku fandom. If you want to watch something worthy of your time go ahead and pick up this series you'll definitely enjoy it from start to finish.

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