Monday, June 10, 2013

Conduct Unbecoming

Our society has brainwashed its homo-sapien inhabitants and demanded its female counterparts to dolled themselves up in order to prove to the world that they are true girls inside and out. If you refrain from acting that way you are therefore labeled and mistaken for a lesbian. So what the f**k if I do not frequent the salon and can not (for the life of me) paint my own nails? I do not like putting rouge on my face, and I find it unnecessary to pluck my eyebrows. So what if I'm not in a relationship? I'm too selfish, sad and conceited to be in one anyway (I'm already committed with myself and I enjoy being single immensely; to settle is a grave sin). So what if I find comfort going to places, riding trains and watching movies all by myself? My sanctuaries are bookstores, record bars and video shops. And most often than not when I buy my clothes and shoes I do not dilly dally around (except for bags), because I prefer comfort over style. So what if I like my over sized tees with Disney prints and my feet flat in a Converse? I don't like to pout my lips or to look cute in photographs. I like it better when I'm behind the camera than to be the subject in front of the lens. My favorite books are children's fantasy novels, transgressional literature and travel guides because they tell more truth and danger than Dan Brown. Technology is overrated and it takes away jobs from mankind. There are only four occupations I give my utmost respect to: farmers, fishermen, butchers and mothers, and yet they are the most under appreciated (thankless) jobs in the world. I have a love-hate relationship for my country so I prefer to stay away from posting any patriotic messages about the beauty of the Philippines and the talent of its people. I like looking at the mountains but I refuse to climb over its peak. I hate beaches (but I love the ocean), swimsuits and summer. Conversations about work during friendly get-together's are despicable. I am a Daria Morgendorffer persona in real life: I talk grim and my conversations are peppered with neurosis. When something I like becomes mainstream my interest for it fades away. Stupid are those people who drinks beer for the sake of fitting in. (I mean, who cares if they turn you into an outcast, at least you stood up for what you believed in). Girls are stupid when they let their friends tweezed their eyebrows even if they don't want to. Girls are stupid when they copy each other's hairstyle and they wear color coordinated clothes for a day. And I hate everyone for being too bothered about my non-existent dating life and solitary civil status when I am clearly unperturbed about the whole idea. After all, I stopped believing in the divinity of marriage a long time ago; it is an institution that man can create the rules and break the rules. 

I have a habit of saying random things. For now this soliloquy will be put to an indefinite halt and to be resume sometime in a not too distant futuristic reality. 

From your lost wanderer, 

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