Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Real Yin

I always get misunderstood as a "snob" because of my eyes. The truth is I have a rather small iris and my whites occupy most of the portions in my eyeballs -- making me look like a malevolent person. This condition however is known as "Sanpaku". Come to think of it, having sanpaku is actually a bad thing, but I was born with this condition so there is nothing pretty much I can do about it. If I yield by believing the descriptions online then I am fated to an early demise and/or prone to tragedies inside or outside my world. In the Psycho-Pass universe this mean my hues are too blurry -- I am to be pursued and apprehended as a latent criminal. Just the type of information to get me down on another one of those depressing days, especially with my current circumstance.

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