Sunday, February 19, 2012

Film Roundup - Feb 2012: The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady (2011)
Directed by Phyllida Lloyd
Rating= C+

Meryl Streep played a gripping performance as Margaret Thatcher. Having her presence graced this film, with an equally famous subject, nonetheless, should make this motion picture work, however for some describable reasons – it just didn’t. Told in a nonlinear fashion, if “The Iron Lady” had the same interesting script and editing such as “La Vie En Rose” it would become a wonderful picture. However, the story played around on an older Thatcher, just giving the viewer some glimpses of her life as a PM. The writer should have focused on her career as Britain’s first woman Prime Minister, how she gained and lose power, her contributions, her errors, and how she rally her country during the cold war, her involvement in the 1981 issues in the Northern Ireland,  what changed in her life after stepping down as PM. This could have become an interesting biopic of the woman also known as “The Iron Lady” if they made an effort not to edit out the interesting and essential meaty-parts of her career, a Thatcher who triumphs against the odds, rather than to show the viewers her declining health and hallucinations of her late-husband. In spite of that, Streep deserves an acting award. I just hope the script could have been better to make it memorable.

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