Thursday, September 4, 2008

Top Things True About Me That Most People Don't Know Or Don't Believe To Be True About Me

In Random Order:
1. I want to be a screenwriter/film director/cinematographer. Hindi lang "want", I need to be one talaga!

2. That I like fashion because I think of it as an art not the other way around. 

3. I love traveling. I can sit for hours and days in a vehicle without complaining because I like seeing new places. I love it when a journey never ends. So please...sana matupad na ang road tripping and backpacking days ko!

4. That I can survive the pressure of living alone or living in a foreign country as opposed to what my older cousin assumed since I'm used to solitary suffering and I prefer solitude. 

5. It's true that I'm afraid of heights but one of my biggest dreams is to climb Everest, Kilimanjaro, Banahaw, vice versa. That would happen if I've already found the 'one' and he's right there with me. Why? Because if I die right there at least I'm with someone I love. Awwww!!!

6. I hate confrontations, arguments and fights. I only say angry stuff to release my anger (or pent-up emotions), but I'll never fight someone who wronged me because I'm a coward and I don't take feuds very seriously. In short, I'm too forgiving.

7.  When I say I moved on believe it!

8. I have dysthymia for the past five years and I have symptoms of Asperger's disorder (or some other type of language learning disorder).

9. I'm a closet-hopeless romantic, but not in a mushy way like most girls.

10. I don't drink wine but I'm fascinated with its entire manufacturing process and those earthy looking vineyards in France, Barcelona, Santorini and Napa. That's why I want to live in a wine plantation.

11. Believe it or not, I'm not a lesbian.

12. I get attracted to men who are... intelligent (because I'm not)brimming with sense of humor (because I like to laugh and I'm not funny),confident (because I'm half-confident and half-insecure)creative and artistic (I adore
 the arts), well-informed (I like learning), good in math and science (that's a must because I'm dumb with numbers), likes to eat and cook foods (because I'm just the same), likes animals and cares for the environment (because I do), loves movies (because it's my life+soul and without it I'm nothing), loves music and can play a musical instrument (because it's my first love and I can't play one), loves to travel (because it's my number one passion), stands 179 cm or more (I'm short and I need to be with someone taller), financially well (because I'm impoverished)can swim and can ride a bicycle (because I can't)loves tennis, surfing and skateboarding (they are my favorite sports)a wide-reader (I like reading books)
13. I cry like a fool (and can hardly stand it) whenever Roger Federer loses his game. 

14. If I could live somewhere it would be Paris, France because it is my favorite country and KC Concepcion has nothing to do with it. Goddamn!

15. I believe in a higher power but I don't consider myself religious.

16. I'm no longer addicted to TV. I only watch the telly for movies, news and some random shows, but I don't follow them faithfully anymore compared in the past.

17. I hate my neck region down to my collarbone area that's why I like wearing
 polo shirts.

18. The word 'courting' and 'dating' sounds offensive to me - I don't believe in such things.

19. My favorite Toblerone bar is dark sweet; it's the one with a darker packaging, and I hated the rest. 

20. Yes I'm a chubby-o! So what! I couldn't careless so stop minding my body and start looking at yours for a change.

21. It's difficult for me to compose inter-office memorandums.

22. Other people's mistakes and shortcomings is a no laughing matter to me because discrimination and racism really gets on my nerves.

23. I am lactose intolerant but I love cheese.

24. I hate my job but I couldn't resign because of my ongoing arrears and I'm no longer interested to work in the same field. If given the chance, I want to be a personal assistant to the celebrities so I could learn more about the business and it would open doors for me towards my true ambition, which bring us to number 1. So if any people from the entertainment industry is reading this please contact me ASAP!

25. You think you know things about me (that I'm probably a snob, a mean person, high and mighty, and vice versa), but you really have no idea because they're just a bunch of fictitious lies! What you see is just a sore case of mistaken identity - a defense mechanism thing. I'm scared of people; I'm afraid to get hurt and to be criticized for my follies so I try to avoid everyone as much as possible; it's not the other way around. So please, spare me your judgmental bullshits!

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