Thursday, April 17, 2008

Musica, et. al.

Music, in no specific genre, act as soundtrack to our lives. Ever since I could remember, my passion for making compilation albums begun as soon as I've learned how to record songs from a radio station to a cassette tape. Those compiled albums I've created seems to have that, "music as inspired by..." quality. Like a movie soundtrack or a Princess Diana tribute album. In various occasions a music I've heard before or from somewhere lately that relates to a particular life-experience or probably contributes to my mood between being uninspired to inspired could land a spot to my list. In fact, a friend of mine could attest to my obsession for making compilation albums since I always give her one for no particular reasons.

I must say, the vast output of songs available from the Internet from signed and unsigned artists has allowed me to stretch my palatable taste in music, and has made my collection as larger than ever. To make the best compilation album, whether by CD burning or the old-school-mixed-tape, one needs to have some massive resources. It's an absolute necessity next to musicality and sense of timing. Today, all it takes to acquire them is by right clicking your mouse, a media player, a CD burner, or mp3 player. AMAZING!

But since there are so many to choose from to the point of becoming inundated, it makes the accessibility of the Internet difficult to deal with sometimes. I mean, we just wanted it ALL! The desire to download everything can limit the free spaces available in your PC. And don't forget those virus too, they just flock everywhere, ready and waiting to destroy your hard drive, so be extra careful and watch out for the pop-outs popping out of the blue.

I know that life experiences triggers or motivates us for inspiration but I find it rather insufficient without the help of any relatable music, film, or literary piece. Especially when I'm writing, it just wouldn't do without them. Loving others as a human being in the image and likeness of god is mandatory, but love in a romantic sense is another. For me, love can be found everywhere and can be attain in everything around us not only in significant human relationships. Gee, I think I sounded like a script from 'Into the Wild', but never mind.

I guess I wrote those lines because I'm really at my happiest when my activities has to do with the arts. I couldn't care less if my love life is zero. Though I'm not closing any doors or burning bridges when it comes to that, I just want more than what romance can offer. I'm not going to say anything more further before I start sounding offensive to all the married women out there. It's better to keep my mouth shut or my hands-off from the keyboard than get myself into trouble again because of this subject.

Gotta close this entry now before I dazed your mind with my randomness.

A la prochaine!

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