Sunday, March 9, 2014

How To Unlove You — Starting Over Again (Impression)

People were laughing and I don't even find those scenes funny. Guess I'm just being my cynical/cinephile self (or because they are filled with cliche). Imo, Ginny deserves what she get for leaving Marco, and yet I think her decision was driven by the fact that reality starts to seep in under her skin. I wouldn't blame her, I mean, it's frightening to be with someone with no ambitions and all. After all, you can't rely on your romantic feelings to work your future out. The confrontation sequence between Patty and Ginny is all #facepalm, but I'll give kudos to Iza Calzado for her pristine and ethereal acting. I don't like how Star Cinema put a face on Ginny's future guy for the ending of the movie (even the scenes leading up to the finale). It's like a sorry consolation prize for the defeated viewers since they know who this guy is and what he means to the lead actress's life. A silhouette or a shadow will suffice or it would be much appreciated if we see her happy and unperturbed with her "single" status instead of bumping one guy to the next to complete her. So I'm going to give it a B- (2.5 out of 5 rating).

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