Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Initial Opinion on "Blue is the Warmest Colour"

Just finished watching "Blue is the Warmest Colour." What an excellent and titillating film. The story did not disappoint, especially on the second part. Although, in my opinion, it could do without the explicit sex scenes. I'm not really into Yuri's so I didn't dig any of that stuff -- meaning, I haven't felt anything -- it's just a passing train to me. If you think you will cringe on the aforementioned scenes, then, you'll just have to have it fast forwarded on the next one. After all, it is not something that could make or break this film. I hope I could write a more comprehensive review/analysis of this movie one of these days. As long as I won't relent into my same-old procrastinator self.

The pacing on Chapter One is kind of slow, and I think it wasted too much of its time on their sexcapades, instead of their relationship. Chapter Two has more meat and characterization -- that's where it will pull you in emotionally -- and it would make you understand why this film is meant for everyone. But I think the guys will enjoy the explicit scenes because it would totally feed their fantasies.

The camera focused a lot on close-up shots, which I think Kechiche did on purpose (I'll explain further when I write my review, to be posted here on this blog). Overall, the acting delivered by Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos is edgy and flawless -- they totally packed a punch and they would make you feel for their respective characters. They are the number one reason why you should be watching this movie as soon as possible. 

If you love a good love story, about heartbreak and loss, then you shouldn't miss "Blue is the Warmest Colour". But if you are a self-confessed bigot, better stay away. Before I leave this post here's the trailer for the movie. Enjoy!

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