Thursday, August 8, 2013


Bon Anniversaire to my dearest friend Astaire Tin (aka Mrs Naessens). She's that one person in my book that I can drag along with me to visit museums (even when the weather is on a heavy downpour), have fun in Enchanted Kingdom, dine in at expensive restaurants...etc. Although I am quite sad to no longer be able to hang out with her, and yet at the same time I am glad that she's gone abroad to live blissfully with her husband. Because of her the cynic in me ( know that fully) makes me believe that true love can be found in the most unanticipated time and place. So regardless of her absence here in the Philippines I am wishing her all the best, may it be in the aspect of love, life and career, and I hope that we'll meet Europe so we can travel the entire continent by train (or explore the gallantry of the Louvre). A la prochaine! - Chin

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