Monday, May 6, 2013

Anime Quote: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

"I hate nice girls. Just exchanging pleasantries with them makes me curious,and texting each other makes me feel restless. If I get a call, for the rest of the day, I’ll keep checking my call history with a stupid grin on my face. But I know the truth. They’re just being nice. Anyone nice to me is nice to others too. But I always find myself on the verge of forgetting that. If the truth is a cruel mistress, then a lie must be a nice girl. And so, niceness is a lie. I would always hold expectation. I would always misunderstand. At some point, I stopped hoping. An experienced loner never falls for the same trap twice. A lone warrior, surviving hundreds of battles. When it comes to losing, I’m the strongest. That’s why, no matter what happens, I will always hate nice girls."
- Hikigaya Hachiman by Wataru Watari, Episode 5

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